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LR's Enhance Details: Beware Fuji users!

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  1. Alas, being a dirt-poor amateur, I stick to the free stuff, so it's Darktable and RawTherapee for me. For some reason, this new feature sounds suspiciously like the AI processing that goes on in the Google Pixel phone's camera app.

  2. Tony, you're correct that LR isn't the best app for processing Fuji files…for example, I find Iridient Developer generally superior, especially in terms of image detail!

  3. The big question is what photographer will ever pixel peep that much to see those super tiny details? I really see no point in the algorithm for 9/10 photos (possibly macro work). Maybe in very old cameras at 12mp or less then maybe it will make a difference. Honestly, I feel it is a selling point for Adobe. The average person who will be buying or viewing the image will never zoom in that far anyway. Overall, I see no point in this enhancement.

  4. Please see my video response. https://youtu.be/oNmRP15ERhc We have noticed significant improvements in image quality when editing with Enhanced Details DNG files. The most benefit has been in small sensor cameras with moderate to high noise levels. We compare different workflows to see how well other products work. We have seen big improvements when further editing the Enhanced Raw files. The files are more malleable allowing better color, micro-contrast, noise reduction and sharpness. They function as if they have more bit depth and dynamic range. Just visually looking at the "Enhanced File" misses the better editing capabilities. The Canon G7X Canon .CR2 files start as 12 bit files to begin with. Topaz is claiming that they can make JPEG's into RAW files using AI(call me skeptical). Has Adobe done something similar but starting with a RAW file?
    I know you are Windows based. I can not run Enhanced Details on my Windows machines. Adobe requires Operating System 1809 and due to an abundance of caution we are running 1803. Do you know the status of 1809's problems. Last time I researched the issue Microsoft was still testing for the resolution of the data loss issues using specially seeded systems. 1809 has not hit the general update cycle. "As of today, 02-27 Windows 10 1809 Finally Hits 21% Adoption Rate As We Await the Release of Version 1903." I do not want to be pushed into a "BETA" operating system by Adobe. What other features are disabled in the last CC updates of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC. I have a call into Microsoft to verify the safety of 1809. I know you are a "tech guy" what you heard on your end? If it looks like 1809 still has problems, I plan a video mentioning the issues. Please keep the excellent information coming.

  5. Tony I need your help
    I am gradually selling my Nikon and moving to Fuji I have spoilt myself and suffer from some GAS but I am 52 and I just love the feel of the camera remind me or my old contax
    My issue is my sons use Nikon and I didn’t mind switching when we were all sharing Lightroom
    I have had a few issues in working with my Fuji raw files but didn’t understand if the problem was the software or my abilities

    Bottom line in your opinion can I use Lightroom still do I need capture 1 I don’t want to run two systems
    We do like to print our good photos but we don’t print big normally we don’t crop too much

    Can you help very confused, am I alone with this confusion

    Ps don’t forget Australian beaches and bush are a great destination for travel

  6. 11:1 – this really pointless to talk about it. Heck, even 1:1 is more than one will see on a final image. I tried the new function in LR; but Irident X-Transformer is 3 times faster and still sharper, the downside just being higher noise levels. Which again, will not show on final images.

  7. If you want to show something where the difference is more noticeable you could use a fuji picture with a lot of foliage, there I found the difference to be quite significant 🙂

  8. Hi Tony, I have a X-T3 and tried this on 3 or 4 landscape images this morning and there is a pleasing improvement in grass and rock. Zooming in really close there are one or two high contrast areas that are now showing a distinct red line, like CA that isn’t in the original. At standard zoom I’m happy, but it won’t be for every image.

  9. Beware Fuji users, don't use LR at all… C1 has better workflow, slight better tools, it runs faster and can actually handle X-trans better.
    And if you are not a fuji x-trans owner, I still think you should take a look at C1 and stop being lazy about learning new tools.

  10. For someone who has never used post software, this really sounded like a lot of gibberish. As a Fuji XT 20 and XT 2 + a6400 do you need different packages for different cameras? Clearly, it seems Capture One is the go-to for current (2018-19) sensors.

    You are discussing, not explaining how to use these packages in any way. Do you expect viewers to simply purchase your linked post software packages?

  11. The longer the video went, the more it seemed that this product was ""literally"" a ""gamble"" for Fuji users. Not acceptable.
    Why not do more homework and refer Fuji users to other programmes such as Capturer One which are frequently reported as being Fuji friendly.

  12. It would be interesting to see if it could help reducing artifacts introduced by lossy raw compression (e.g. the famous Sony files). Haven't tried it yet though, it is ultra slow on my old laptop.

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