Home Photography Long-exposure Portraits: Creepy Photos Taught by Creepy People

Long-exposure Portraits: Creepy Photos Taught by Creepy People

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  1. This is the thing I actually want in my life….Two creative people creating nice video's about photography….I'm also a photographer…And I want this…..Nice video by the way…keep up the good work guys….

  2. would a flash help? like freeze the subject and keep it sharp and in focus like at the beginning of the long exposure and then have the hands move about afterwards? i guess the problem would be if the subject moves too much compared to the initial image with the flash…

  3. Wow Chelsea, brilliant idea ! I am going for a night photography trip tomorrow in my small town, Deoghar, State-Jharkhand , in India and I just got this idea at right time. Hope I can experiment this outdoor too ? Watching Tony and you is always so nice and learning !

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