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Lightroom Portrait Editing

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  1. I really like the format of this video. I could watch photos being edited like this all day. The video reminds me of Bob Ross' show, which was really fantastic if you just wanted to sit back and watch someone with a soothing voice paint stuff. Chelsea, you are the Bob Ross of the twenty-teens 😉 

  2. Nice tutorial Chelsea! I moved from Photoshop to Lightroom for almost 100% of my editing several months ago. 
    Chelsea, when checking you work with the adjustment brush, if you press "H" you can hide the buttons, so you don't have to close the brush.
    I love Tony's Lightroom book, and highly recommend it for those new to Lightroom as well as those who are already working with it.

  3. Hi Chelsea yet another great video. I notice you are using a tablet. Can you let me know what make it is please since I was considering using one but thought that is would be more difficult to use than a mouse? I use a MAC for LR editing since i have found LR and PS works better with large files.

  4. Wow, I learned a lot in 15 minutes. I didn't know Lightroom has so many features.
    I just use it to import my photos and adjust the Shadows and Highlights on my raw files and edit the rest in Photoshop. Thanks…..

  5. Good content but was hard to watch with all that unwarranted switching back & forth between the wide shot and the screen shot, while she was showing different editing techniques

  6. Chelsee … without any reservations at all, I will honestly say this it "THE BEST" tutorial ever on editing a portrait in Lightroom. Thanks for sharing and BTW, The Art Institute could sure use you on their staff. Their instructors are not even in the same league as you. Thanks again and now, you have one very big fan!

  7. Hi, you probably know that already, but if you check the box that says "Auto Mask" between FLOW and DENSITY in the brush settings, LR recognizes where the color changes and therefore doesn't brush over the edges, in this case the face won't be brushed over when masking the hair. Works pretty well when the color difference/contrast is strong enough.
    Thanks for the great videos!

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