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Lightroom costs MORE, we review PORTRAITS: TC LIVE

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  1. Adobe are a bunch of greedy, self-serving bleeps. Who do I write to? I can't even get their customer service to respond. They don't care. It's bottom line for them. What's a viable alternative to LR? BTW, LR 5 won't read my Canon SL2 RAW files. Maybe CC will. Thanks for nothing, Adobe.

  2. The higher price is for the package with 1TB cloud storage. The 20GB package is still £9.99. They've done this before. Which packages you see depend upon where you are. It's basically a test.

  3. Please correct me if Im wrong. But from what I can see, they didnt raise the price. All they did was add 2 new plans for photography. One with both LR and 20G. Still @ 9.99 mth. One with just the new LR and 1Tb. Also @ 9.99 mth. And one with both LR and 1Tb @ 19.99 mth. Your paying for more storage. Thats not raising the price, its giving you more options.

  4. I left, I have found the culture at Adobe over the years to be quite arrogant and I do not feel confident on their treatment of me as a customer to stay. This recent tactics is more evidence of this. My decision is based on the next 5-10 years, where to invest my energy and I’m currently looking for a new workflow….

    I dare you to recommend an alternative workflow, I don’t know but something like Apples Photos for syncing, true syncing, and say Luminar or another…. I’m confident you know more on this than I but it’s interesting…

  5. This was always Adobe's plan. Tempt users with a low monthly price, get them hooked and dependent, then in a few years slowly start raising the price. Kind of reminds me of the tactics drug dealers use to hook new users. I am still working with the stand alone versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, but I truly want to find good alternatives I can live with.

  6. OK, Adobe is sending me emails everyday with 40% discount on the new higher price. So I guess that means if you get one of these coupons or emails your price will be $12? But wait, there's more. The Mobil version is now free. You can go to Google or Apple stores and get it for free. I loaded it up on my tablet and it works great but I haven't had time to hammer it so, we'll see. And maybe that's why I'm getting the coupons since I registered the Mobil under company name (rather than my Adobe account). But I'm about ready to jump ship anyway, Affinity (Serif) has really been adding more and more features and is still only $50 so I think I'll give it a shot. I've had friends tell me that Affinity is a lot faster too.

  7. Been using LR for a long long time. If they double my subscription price I’m moving to Capture 1. I here a lot of people are dropping lr and moving elsewhere. I think Adobe is making a mistake, just my 2 cents. Love yalls show T&C!

  8. Do you guys have a video going over ….. portrait posing tips im newer to photography and have mainly done sports action shots ……. so not as many experiences with portraits

  9. Tony & Chelsea : "We DON'T approve of them taking advantage. That's not fair business from Adobe and Lightroom."

    "Now let's look at some pictures." *opens Lightroom*

    And this is Adobe explained in a nutshell. Same with premiere. There's just nothing else as good (IMO) ; I'm just starting out and I will probably go with Adobe despite that it IRKS the SHIT outta me that I have to subscribe. I'd much rather pay $2-300 once than pay it every year. But I just don't know of any other viable alternatives that give me as much as Premiere does .
    (*edit: didn't mean this comment as inflammatory, I REALLY appreciate T&C and them bringing light to this issue. thanks guys)

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