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Leica M Typ 262 Hands-on Review

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The new Leica M Typ 262(http://bit.ly/Leica262) promises to offer a lot of Leica for less money, but is there a lot to like about it or will you feel short changed?


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  1. I love the comments on Leica videos. People think they are bought by rich people as a fashion statement or a status symbol. This is not a camera the general public knows. I use a Leica m8 and most people ask me why I don't shoot digital. The m8 is not my go to camera for most situations. But it does have a very place in my day to day work as a photographer. It's always at my side at weddings. It's not intrusive, the quality of the lenses is amazing, zone focussed it's lightning fast, there is no mirror delay, it's unobtrusive, there is no mirror black out, they are build like tanks and they allow for slower shutter speeds put of hand. Lastly it comes down to work flow and the ease of use. They are as straight forward as a camera can be. These days there are plenty of great cameras that fill in allot of those points. I also use a Fuji that I adore. And a 5d mkiii and 5d mkii. Cameras are tools. You use the right one for the right situation. I'm by no means a fanboy. But I also don't see the reasoning in hating a tool. I never see people hating a hammer.

  2. Lmao people get so angry when someone shoots with lecia. You really don't have many options when it comes to digital rangefinders. The cheapest full frame option would be a sony a7 with lecia lenses, even then you do lose a bit from not using them natively.

  3. Just got the M262 bundle.. It's a marvel to behold and to photograph with it. If you've never used one, I highly recommend going to a Leica store and holding it in your hands.

  4. I suppose if HCB shot Leica it must be the greatest thing since sliced bread. All kidding aside he didn't have the option of better cheaper cameras at the time. We now have offerings from Sony and Fujifilm that run circles around any digital Leicas. Give me a Batis lens on a FF Sony mirrorless over this Leica turd any day of the week.

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