Home Photography Leica M Monochrom discussion with professional photographer and Leica fan, Minyan Zhu

Leica M Monochrom discussion with professional photographer and Leica fan, Minyan Zhu

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Buy on Amazon http://help.tc/mm, see Minyan at http://minyanzhu.com.


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  1. Pretty surprised you didn't mention Fuji X cameras as a more capable and affordable alternative to Leica cameras. They have almost everything non-awful in common with Leica cameras (small bodies, small+sharp lenses, low noise, aperture on lens, shutter speed dial on body, "full manual" based ergonomics, manual focusing aids, old-fashioned style), but the Fuji's also solve all the problems you mention (exp. comp. dial, ISO dial on X-T1, AF is available). 

    For anyone considering a Leica the latest Fuji cameras are almost definitely a better purchase, if only as a stepping stone to see if the rangefinder+manual format is something you really love. Definitely a more relevant comparison than a Canon 1DX (except in price :P)

  2. Not a Leica guy but I would love to have a dedicated Monochrom camera, but being younger I feel like I would get very upset without having an AF system. Really cool idea and I can see why somebody would want to buy this camera.

  3. Leica M the only way to have a contrasty B&W with deep black … That is just wrong, you can get nice black and white with a color picture, that is just not true! I do that all the time in lightroom, it takes a few minutes or longer if I have to play with the color channels. Oh and Leica glow is not real, I yet have to see someone who can recognise Leica vs others on anything above 50mm if not 35mm lens in a blind test!

  4. It changed my life. I ordered several Leica M Monochrom for the whole family. Thanks to the digital-telepathic features i see black and white through my own eyes while holding the Leica M Monochrom in my hands. Who needs food and a place to live when you have an overpriced piece of metal with some leathery touches that does less than the the already overpriced competition in this cathegory of camera models.

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