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LANDSCAPES with Eric Lowenbach & Erkki Alvenmond

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Awesome portfolios: http://squarespace.com/tony, coupon code ‘portfolio’ Eric Lowenbach’s Squarespace portfolio: http://www.mojavemorning.com/ Erkki’s …


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  1. If you're looking for ideas for your show about photographers (which I'm a big fan of) you might want to read up about Patrick Lichfield. Not the most exciting guy in the world but a very interesting story to me personally. Basically passed up a comfy life laid out for him because he wanted to be a photographer, and made quite a name for himself.

  2. The awkward silence when your picture pops up (see 46:12). Turns out, my vision was tainted by my enjoyment of the trip that day! Better luck next time lol. Great shots from everyone else, and great guests too.

  3. Lots of talk about Iceland! So happy that T&C reviewed my photo of the three ice bergs on the black sand beach at Jokusarlon in Iceland. Also, Tony was spot on, on how I took the shot! I have been there twice now. The most amazing place on earth for landscapes, full stop.

  4. Tony, you mentioned not many wide angle for crop sensor besides the Sigma 18 – 35, which I have, but I also fell in love with the Canon 10 -18. Very cheap feel and I've already stripped the manual focus gear, but the darn lens is nice. Please give it a try when you have time.

  5. I'd like to see you two reporting on the Mitakon 85mm f/1.2 and the 135mm f/1.4. The former is important to Nikon shooters as we don't have any other 85 1.2 option! (That and the canon one is softer than captain quark)

  6. I'm so looking forward to your review of the new Pentax k1; both Amazon and H&H have been out of stock for the longest and I thought maybe there was a recall.  I'm thinking of buying a camera and the K1 is in the run.  thanks.

  7. This live broadcast was very informative, would have been better if i could submit a pic as well. Do you guys release the theme of your live show earlier so that a viewer can participate better ?

  8. My husband and I watch your shows all the time. We have your books and follow SDP. We go on a lot of outdoor adventure shoots and I find myself wishing you guys were there with us. We recently encountered several photo snobs while trying to catch the galactic center in an astro shoot and it really got to me. I wish everyone was as nice and warm as you guys.

  9. The Yosemite image to which tony said "I'm just pondering the crop" mimics a few of my absolute favorite images. I am a huge fan of images that show a path but conceal both the origin of the path and its destination. There is something 'literary' about the implication of a journey but no clearly defined 'ending' destination.

  10. I don`t understand why people don`t focus stack when they do landscapes. It`s so easy! All you need is like 3 pictures. Makes me sad when i see missed shots like that. Especially cause i spend most of my time stacking like 100 pictures of bugs 😛

  11. That ugly Oklahoma comment hurt me, Tony. I live in Oklahoma AND I'm a landscape photographer. I vow to barrage your guys' Facebook and email with my landscape shots until you take it back. 🙂

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