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Kai Wong – What's in My Bag?

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You asked us for it and even had a crack at guessing; this is what’s inside Kai’s camera bag. For a complete list of what’s in Kai’s bag, check out …


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  1. I bought a cheap Amazon basic and later a Billingham 335. I prefer the cheap bag cause small pockets for sd cards batteries and all the small things. The leather gets worn out on the bottom and the straps. The leather shoulder strap has little cushion, the rubber get worn out and it hurts my neck. Clips and zippers are just better for easy access without digging around. I have to set the bag down to get at the side pockets cause there's two straps to open. Its 2016 not 1819 leather straps are pointless now. You might look like a tourist with the cheapo bag but its comfortable, convenient lighter and a lot cheaper. What are you paying that much for?

  2. I have the Billiingham Hadley bag in black, brilliant bag, great for carrying, inner add in padding, I also added the shoulder pad to mine. also use Cokin filters. 😀

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