Home Photography Kai painted another DSLR (this time Canon!)

Kai painted another DSLR (this time Canon!)

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Links to our charity auctions (click ‘show more’) Brand New 600D/T3 DRTV Painted Edition Auction …


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  1. That's all trash. The damn auction would make more $$$ if they just sent cash in rather than damage shit and try to auction it. Autographed junk? You're a small YouTube channel. Arrogant phuck.

  2. Oh my… so horrible job… Why not simply give it to pro modder and actually get unique and cool piece of art instead of poop looking "this will sell only coz of there is my name on it and/or for misfortune of other people"

  3. These guys cyberbullied me for my comment. They posted a negative comment on my site in the same way but made it personal. Really unprofessional and vindictive. I hope their channel fails. Seriously screw these guys. This is what they do to their fans. Well I'm pissed and am going to make sure everyone knows what kind of people they are. Good job on making an enemy out of me. You guys are going to regret it big time.

  4. Quick tip. When removing components with multiple screws, loosen all the screws in stages, if you take them out 1 by 1 , you'll get to the last one or few and all the pressure will be on it or them and you won't be able to undo them. Watch a 5min vid on how to spray paint (Insert Pickard meme of his face in his hand)

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