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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution round-up

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A little update about the food revolution from Jamie.


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  1. @JamieOliver , I really wish you would stop with your crusade against chocolate milk. As a person who struggles with staying nourished/well fed, chocolate milk is a godsend. Something that not only tastes great, but has unsaturated fat, sugar (which contrary to popular belief is necessary for basic bodily functions), and protein. Milk is also a sustainable source of protein and if purchased from local dairies where you know the cows are treated well you are also helping your local economy.

  2. @christhedon420 Well, maybe if you'd live in a poor country and barely get something to eat. And even then, there are better ways to stay nourishes. But that is definively not the case four our western countries. We have more food than we need. So why the hell should we add so much stuff (sugar, flavors,…) to our milk. Really, would you drink a coke twice a day and say that's healthy???

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