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Jamie Oliver’s 4th July NYC Cheesecake

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Happy Independence Day to all our brothers and sisters across the pond. x Find the recipe here: …


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  1. hi our Idols
    please I want ask you about your video for peach pound cake?
    I don't find it in your channel
    I find it in China channels as I think and I can't understand his language and I very
    like this recipe so please where can I find it?

  2. Blend a few almonds into a flour, add 3 times as much flour, some melted butter and a little brown sugar to sweeten and mix into a dough for the crust…, a little baking soda if you like and a drop of vanilla(See Two Fat Ladies, they do the 1800 recipe). If you get lazy, top cake with a pie filling…, wild blue berry was nice, but cherry did it for me to…, crushed nuts around the cake…, and you can do this cake in a blender…, add a couple of ripe bananas to sweeten, keep some sweetener along…

  3. Printed the recipe from the link in the description and followed that. Turned out they're not the same! No chocolate in the cake's base and did not call for chilling the cake before putting the meringue. Instead it says let the cake cool for fifteen minutes, put the meringue then back in the oven, let the cake cool, chill and take out of the form. The meringue didn't stick to the cake and shrunk. So the cake and the meringue aren't the same size. Hopefully it tastes better than it looks.

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