Home Food Jamie Oliver talks you through cooking with herbs

Jamie Oliver talks you through cooking with herbs

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For more Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills videos go to http://www.jamieoliver.com/videos.


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  1. @frealynn aku juga di indonesia, untukk rosemary kamu bisa cari di KTO Citereup dan BPPTOOT Tawangmangu, iklim yang cocok untuk menanam ini adalah daerah yang sangat tinggi dan dingin. aku coba tanam rosemary di bekasi, tumbuh, tapi tidak wangi

  2. je ne savais pas ce que le mot cuissiner vouler dire mais maintenant que je haie la mauvaise bouffe grasse a ton emision et notre fils de 8 ans nous recoltons les ptits carrer potager grand merci a toi a junes et a tes filles daissy et poppy . genevieve de charente en france

  3. Herbs are very high in nutrients & antioxidants and of course are actually Vegetables…People would have a much healthier diet if they used Herbs by Hand fulls , rather than pinches and sprinkles.

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