Home Photography Is the Olympus E-PL3 a girly camera?

Is the Olympus E-PL3 a girly camera?

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The Olympus E-PL3(http://bit.ly/Olympus_E-PL3) has been introduced barely a year since the first PEN lite. But since it’s gotten a bit stylish, we thought we’d get …


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  1. Im in the market now for sigma 30mm f1.4 for my 60D. but i also want to have a smaller camera for travel. and in my place the price of this camera and the sigma is almost same.. im confused… should i get this? or the sigma 30mm for my 60D… ?

  2. Aimed towards the "Female market" … bullshit. Drop the sexualising nonsence and just give us the facts. The useful hotshoe and the hinged screen are two of the features which have lead me to this model. But, for reasons beyond you I expect.

  3. One thing kai doesnt mention is old 35mm film lenses adapted to dslrs.
    The adaptors are cheap.
    Digtalrev sells digital camera things on ebay so theres a conflict of interest.
    The old camera lenses are top quality most of them and much cheaper than a dslr lens but you need to research. You dont have AF of course and the lens needs to be stopped down but you do get top quality glass producing superb images at a fraction of the cost of a dslr lens.
    Look it up anyone who doesnt know about it.

  4. M 42 pentax takumars are ALL good and my fave the 50mm f1.4 is a classic lens., read any review of them
    the adaptors are cheap. M42 thread also known as pentax are the most common and there are lot of them out there on eeeee EE bay
    Olympus made lots of excellent lenses.
    Youll need an OM adaptor for them.
    Zeiss made excellent lenses but theyre expensive even old and second hand.
    Have a look anyway.

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  6. I think those CSC without a mode dial and comes in pink are way more "girly". I assume girly camera means one that young girls would use without needing to make too many adjustments. The e-PL3 has a decent set of knobs and buttons. So it doesn't seem too girly. And you need manly hands to carry it. It is heavy

  7. bout time you do a review om the Olympus epl 6 especially since they were released over there before here in the USA. Im not going to get a new camera until you review this one, now get out there and DO IT!!!

  8. Olympus should've sued over this review. I usually like his videos, willing to put up with most of his side comments BUT this was just a hack. The camera has GREAT image stabilizing, excellent built-in FX (much better than the Lumix GF3 although that camera has excellent touch screen and can be hacked to be a great B-cam for videos.)…Personally, I like the EPL3 because it's just a damn handy camera for quick shots. Like it better in fact than my D3200 even though that has twice the pixels. Wha t really suprised me (sorta') is how WELL the 4/3rd Evolt Olympus lenses (with the EF adapter) work on both this body. Gives the whole camera a bit of balance. Npt sire of if it has the video capability of say the Lumixes BUT I found the tilt screen. useful.

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