Home Photography iPhone 12 Pro: CAMERA TEST! Is this the BEST Camera of 2020?!

iPhone 12 Pro: CAMERA TEST! Is this the BEST Camera of 2020?!

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Unboxing the new iPhone 12 Pro Camera and putting it to work! Comparing different photos taken with the new modes and features! Lightroom PRESET …


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  1. They're 3 portholes of access which takes an image and then stitches them together as one image, technology developed by HTC in 2014. My Note10 has had a night mode feature for many years now. Apple is just now getting into the camera game.

  2. What's the point of showing photos that you have edited on Lightroom? Obviously most people won't be editing with lightroom and are more interested in seeing what the original photos look like.. Other than that great video though, very informative

  3. all 🧢 just stick to your iphone 11 pro/max and get LR mobile. You'll get the same result with any 3rd party photo editing app..i've never seen so many content creators get the new iphone before its release. Thats another bad sign.

  4. Hi Peter, thanks for your insights. Got the phone on order already.
    Will you also cover the so called :Apple ProRAW part and how to work with that?

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