Home Photography INTRODUCING: My Very OWN CAMERA BAG! (18 months in the making!!)

INTRODUCING: My Very OWN CAMERA BAG! (18 months in the making!!)

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PM x NOMATIC CAMERA PACK!! : http://nomatic.com/camerapack-kickstarter-redirect-pm?utm_source=ks&utm_medium=pm&utm_content=cp_ks.


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  1. love your work Mate, But wen the bag for the drone phantom 3 pro end camera is caming .I was thinking back and front to carry averting in one bag . Imaging drone in the back camera in the front . And went you take of be came as one all together Jose from Sydney Australia

  2. I like the bag, but what I feel is missing is a 18 inch laptop compartment. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I usually have a camera bag / laptop bag. I will consider this bag in the future though. I love the waterproof feature.

  3. Damn there is a lot of salty people in the comments. Yall have to understand that it costs money to makes these things, so it will naturally cost more so they can profit. Also, when your livelihood depends on having your equipment, it's worth spending the money to protect your gear. Not to mention with a bag like this you will never really need to buy another camera bag.

  4. I’ve watched this video and the go fund me video everything seems amazing honestly BUT one question is there a spot for a regular size tripod or no?

  5. hola peter saludos desde venezuela. me gusta mucho tu bolso de camara nuevo. como puedo hacer para obtener un ejemplar aqui en venezuela soy tU FAN desde hace mucho ya pero no tengo dinero como comprarlo aqui en mi pais no puedo adquirir dolares como puedes ayudarme a obtener un bolso de estos asi sea el mas basico… saludos espero puedas leer esto aLgun dia…

  6. Never feels bored when watch Peter Mckinnon videos again and again and again,

    One day all film maker will have PM Bag, PM t-shirt, PM hat, PM Preset, PM Sfx, PM Coffe (obviously).

    like someone comment, describe about Peter Mckinnon = Legend.


  7. Hey ! I‘m from china.There are a lot of your fans in china, and they like you very much ! I went to kickstarter want to buy it,I am disappointed not to see China, I am very sad, I hope there is a way to but, look forward to your reply! Thanks!

  8. I totally caved and backed this campaign. I mean a collaboration between P.M. and Nomatic is a win/win and a worthy investment. Also, I had previously backed the WANRD Duo Daypack which is a really nice camera bag, but upon attempting to use it I am gravely disappointed. Fortunately I received the WANRD bag with enough time to spare in the Nomatic campaign.

  9. Still missing some things that would of made this bag better. It's missing a zipper locking mechanism and security cable like what the pacsafe bags have. Then it would of been the perfect bag.

  10. Unbelievably stoked for this launch! We worked SUPER hard on this bag to make it the BEST possible system for as many people as possible! Please check out the campaign link and I hope you love it!

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