Home Photography Insta360 One X 360 Camera Review (vs GoPro Fusion) READ DESCRIPTION

Insta360 One X 360 Camera Review (vs GoPro Fusion) READ DESCRIPTION

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UPDATE: After we published this review, Insta360 released an updated version of their software that fixed the biggest stabilization and stitching problems.


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  1. So – I just bought the one x on the back of the reviews – have to say I cant tell you if its as great as you say – as having taken some videos I was shocked to find – and their support have confirmed – that the 360 studio for one x beta doesnt actually allow you to edit the movies – yup – they have released the camera with editing software still in development – at this point you can only export them for editing in adobe premier pro (https://www.insta360.com/support/supportcourse?post_id=10163 ) – if you try to load the one x files into the old 360 studio which was what I thought I was getting – you get an error message – so until insta fix this (still waiting for release date) – unless you are willing to spend an extra 600 bucks for a premier pro license – you have a pretty worthless camera !!!

  2. thanks for review – love my fusion to give me over capture and some different effects for my short movies, it does freeze up my computer when processing the files – so best to run this at bed time. I am not a fan of 360 clips, I agree people like to be shown what to look at – and not have to search for it.

  3. Always been a big fan of your channel, but I do feel that you need to take a second look. I just purchased this same Insta camera and don’t see any of the problems you are showing in your video. I really don’t see how it could possibly look as bad as you showed it

  4. For me, yup, I still like the normal, directed, regular viewing of a video. However on the other hand, I love shooting in 360 degree's. I like being able to pan and zoom in post rather than run the risk of missing some of the action. With shooting 360 on a fusion, I believe that you get back what you put into it. If you shoot and edit with an app, you're not going to get great video. If you invest in a good pc or laptop, invest in the software, learn to use said software, put hours into editing…. then you'll get great video. So shooting in 360 and producing good looking video requires a large monetary investment and a large time investment, but it can produce great result.

  5. Hi guys, be careful with this camera, they are really low quality construction. I had mine for 3 weeks and it broke right off the selfie pole. The metal frame at the attacment to the pole is only like 1mm thick, very poor design. Love the camera, but this makes it really suck. The SD card slot is integrated in the same framing as the 1/4” pole attachment, so when this happens the camera won’t even power up anymore. Don’t waste your money, go for the higher quality GoPro designs, which are made for actions sports, theses won’t hold up toanh real world abuse.

  6. Protective cases are available for the Fusion. The Insta now has better support for PC editing. The Fusion has better video codec options and has photo time lapse mode. The Insta has better dynamic range from what I've seen and much better app support. The Fusion still has abysmal render times. I have a Mac Pro workstation with 64 GB of ram and the app uses 30 GB of ram and my CPU usage goes to 70% while rendering 360 video. It makes it difficult to multi -task but, have the workstation longer videos render in an hour or two instead of all day.

    I'm curious if you'll revisit the Insta 360 with the superb app support and monthly software / firmware updates.

  7. Big difference: after about half an hour the fan of the insta360 one x starts gradually and you can not hear the recorded sound anymore. The fusion hold the entire duration of the battery without problem. So do the Garmin (but with a lower quality image).

  8. From this vid it seems like your Camera has a lens misalignment issue. The other (and more recent) vids I’ve watched seem not to have the issue. Has your opinion changed?

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