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I'm giving away my drones 😢

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  1. @yaiphaba_nahakpam
    Love seeing your content brother,
    I am saving up to buy a full frame mirrorless camera, I corrently use a crop canon camera, and as soon as I buy a full frame i am gonna sell it out to get a drone but a free drone can help me still have a backup camera thanks dude for the opportunity.

  2. Hi Matti! I love your vlogs and videos. Such a happy cheery person as well. 😀👍🏻 If I won a drone I would start making vlogs and videos more often, but most of all I would use it in beautiful West Yellowstone in Montana at my family reunions every year by the lake and in and through the beautiful trees. 🙂

  3. I really would like to start my own blog as well as other projects that could benefit woman children and men who are struggling and having a hard time in life. Motivate, encourage and spread LOVE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD would be my objective in all my projects . So winning that drone would be useful to others and myself world-wide. .

  4. @psarellas
    I've never had a drone but have always wanted to learn how to fly! If I get the drone I'm going to get fully certified to fly in Canada and make some dope boomerangs (responsibly) lol

  5. Man, I rarely comment on any YouTube video, but this is something I can't pass up. I just ordered an action cam because it was between that or a drone. I'm desperately wanting to start vlogging adventures and this would make my videos SO AWESOME!!! I'm a single mom so I couldn't swing both. This would be AMAZING if I won this!!! You are one of my favorite YouTube channels. I learn so much from you and you warm my heart everytime you talk about your family . ❤ Thanks and good luck to all!!

  6. Hi Matti, my insta @maiconcrespofotografia I want have a drone, because I'll start on the world of wedding film and film trips and commercial, I'm a wedding photographer that, stay more than one year without photography wedding, and I go restart with videos and photos now, restart my lifestyle I have 2 kids now, I wanna change all my vision about all and yours videos are helpfull. Thanks

  7. Hi matt im from london throughout the past past my only obscesion was drones speficially the dji mavic pro 2 i've been up all night watching videos about drones its range how it works you could say i've got a drone addiction im here on your channel hoping to be the winner i've thought of nothing else throughtout the past days then having a drone and flying it around at day and night,sunset ,morning gracing the skyline i hope i win your drone surely i might get up to mischief with if like anyone else but i will take care of it and fly it with open arms i hope you read this and hope i can win this magnificent gift and may the odds by in my favour i just hope you find it in your heart to choose me Thank You.

  8. hey matti, i love your channel, ive been trying to get my hands on a drone for about 2 weeks now but cant find one thats in my price range😂 cause all 13 year olds are broke soooo yea, hope i win but good luck to everyone else! also i dont have a instagram, but im pretty sure that you can contact me through youtube

  9. jthomas_588 is my instagram name.I would like to support my grand- parents because am the only left in the family who can support them they dont earn any pension money so shooting wedding videos with that drone can help me sustain them.Thank you

  10. If you want a chance at the drone just comment with your insta handle saying what you want to use it for and I'll choose one person to take it home! May the odds be forever in your favor.

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