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  1. Over 2 years ago I found this channel and immediately fell I love with everything this channel offered. Over these last years, I have come to really appreciate who Peter McKinnon Shows himself to be.

    We come for the incredible content. We stay for who you are. Thanks for your vulnerability man.

  2. Dude, you're just so real. Love the new direction. I loved test shot 07. Something about the white/black contrast with the neon sign and camera gear in the background screams Peter McKinnon. The main background is awesome also, just glad to see you're having fun with it!

  3. This type of minds is the actual bridge btw normal people and legends.
    You inspire millions of people including me . All your works are top-notch and would happily watch them over and over again.
    Peter you are amazing.

  4. Glad you found something you liked. Personally the darker backdrops are my preference, so you are in focus.
    As a viewer this setup is very bright with WAY too much going on to focus on you… and the ceiling lineโ€™s not level…. itโ€™s hard to watch, for me. But if you like it and it gives you inspiration thatโ€™s what counts.

  5. Peter, please tell us more about your artwork prints behind you and in your office. Which of your thousand pictures did you choose? Why? How did you print them? In what size…. Thank you!!

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