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I'm burned out.

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  1. This is the human condition. The smoker who has a chronic cough knows the reason for his cough but can't stop smoking. People who know the causes of burnout still can't escape it. prevailing system of economy seems to promote this.

  2. Thank you. I frequently view your videos. A big reason I keep coming back is (beyond the pure knowledge) you always seem to be kind, gentle, and respectful of others. I never feel talked down to. Just viewing your videos has helped stave off feeling burned out by inspiring me to view things differently.

  3. I hope creating this video has helped you guys! I have learned so much from you both. I understand this burnout concept. When I get a cool, positive comment on my work especially from other photographers I actually cringe inside a little because I don't want that pressure. I just want to take photos, enjoy the process, learn and keep taking photos. I teach photography and I tell my students what's most important is to just keep taking photos. I tell them that I take OK photos all the time. It's about the process, being in the moment. Maybe I just like the subject but the background sucks or the lights wrong or or or or, I'm still going take the photo. Stay strong you two!

  4. at least upgrade your color grading workflow and lighting of the studio. it looks too outdated and bad skin tones are unbearable.many non photography youtubers are doing way better than this. so funny that you teach about photography but your videos look trash. at least i can color grade your videos for free,really like your channel but the video quality is very bad.

  5. At one point of my life I thought I’d never work again because of an acquired condition/disability that will kill me sooner rather than later. My condition has gone on for ten years and if it was going to get better it would have done so in the first year. At the time I worked in learning disability/mental health forensic service, working with very dangerous people and I worked incredibly long hours. I doubt I would have my condition if I hadn’t worked through burn out. The problem is if you love your job you don’t want to recognise burn out.

    I’m now in a position where getting out with a camera is a pure joy, I give my work to the disability charity that took me on 2 days a week and where I met my wife. I never have deadlines, no pressure to sell any images, and the only demands are those Input on myself. I don’t post on social media at all, my images are displayed at the charity with the price tag on them. My health is the main reason I don’t post anywhere but that also has an advantage as I'm competing with no one, not even myself.

    I’m also shoot a lot of analogue and all my darkroom work is purely for myself and no one sees that work except my family. Where Lightroom is a chore that has to be done, the darkroom is pure pleasure and relaxing.

  6. Haven't read the comments here yet…but half the stress of this sort comes from deploying ones lives and work via constant social media contact…Call a hiatus and focus on face to face interactions over coffee (or rice and beans) for a few weeks. Turn it off. Including this channel. Eyeballs at work are enough anxiety, an extra ten thousand online is not good. Throttle it.

  7. Burnout was first observed in medical staff and social workers, then it crept over to IT workers, lawyers and creative workers. Now social media can give you burnout, apparently. I think it's a sad state of society in general that people are pushed beyond their limits. Also, the thing to remember is that burnout does require real recovery or it will affect your physical state and your ability to think properly.

  8. Although from completely different field – I feel you. One thing that helps me, is a sentence I heard from a priest "You are not alone, everyone, even me, has doubts, questions why to do this or that". I think these are good words, indicating that we are all humans, we all sometimes suffer, find a way, go deep down, and come back up. Take as it is, understand it, use your tips and move on! Respect to artistic Chelsea and scientific Tony! Liked podcast.

  9. I am still waiting for Tony for that "OTHER THING" that is going one right now… Remembering the Afghan Girl video I know that he can get to the bottom of this one too 😉

  10. You definitely need to disconnect somewhere on holidays. Both of you guy's need vacation.. It's a pleasure to me watching your videos.., I learned a lot with them.., but never enough 😛 About the definition of " Burned out" you've said "… You may feel that there is nothing else that you could offer " well.., it isn't completely truth.., just sometimes remakes of some older videos are needed with some fresh ideas focused on the beginner photographer's in this exciting world which is the photography if you wish and so on.. So go on holidays, relax, take just the best camera that you have-(your eye's) and enjoy… I am following you from Spain and I do really enjoying your videos guys..Thanks for show me that the photography is not just a hobby or an profession but also the love to get frozen in time all this beautiful moment's that any of us could feel amazed and share it with the world. So thank you for make this goal easier to me with your advices and experience. Good luck and best regards…

  11. Thanks so much for the inspiring video. This is exactly what i needed. I really resonated with your video! I have been burnt out for many years and even feel the effect while I'm on holidays too!

    Keep up the amazing work 😁

  12. I work a lot of hours, and rarely can even take vacation. Lately, to combat burnout, I have been taking day trips in my car. I look at a map, pick a place I have never been to, and drive there. The road is soothing. You can't work, because you are in the car. There is scenery going by to relax you. Because it's a day trip, no planning is involved and the stress that comes with a trip with lodging such as reservations, packing, and cost. With it being only one day, the day trip can be spontaneous, and when you return you don't feel like you have to catch up on everything. I pack up some food, and don't even have to worry about restaurants. I fill up the gas tank the night before, so even fuel stops don't distract me. If I see an interesting place along the way, I'll stop and hike around. You sometimes meet interesting people, too, and can have conversations that have nothing to do with work. When you get home, you have memories of places you have been to that will take your mind off the stress. Give it try!

  13. Hi Chelsea and Tony. I know the feeling you're talking about. I've spent a lot of time on my job (Some months I worked 325 hours) over the last 4 years. I finally decided to remove myself from my situation and resigned 3 months ago and moved to a new job. I started using my photography as a means to travel and relax. Your book has helped make the process improving so much simpler and for that I'd like to say thanks a million times over!

  14. Thank you Chelsea and Tony for this video. I found myself saying to myself "yep…been there and done that" in almost every thing you mentioned. Thank you again! It is nice to see that others go through that crap.

  15. Wow. I didn't expect this video at all. Social media and just how society is today can hinder a lot. What you guys talked about in the first part is small steps to depression. Being burned out due to social media and feel inadequate eventually accumulates to depression. I battle depression. Been that way for a decade. All due to loss, heartache, lack of love, past, afaid of success, career change, feeling inadequate, weak , unresolved goals, feeling meaningless, seeing my black people get gunned down by police, innocent people getting killed for no reason. Social Media came later. It's tough. Just have to find different ways to coped through it all. Meditation works, reading, jogging, talking to God, doing good deeds. It's a lot you can do. I just think that you guys will be great!😎📸 As for those that go away fast. It happens a lot in the music biz.

  16. Tony and Chelsea. I enjoy and learn from your videos. I love creating videos and photos for fun. Your talent and the work you do makes the world a better place for all of us.

  17. Wow. Just watched your podcast and am thoroughly impressed with you guys. I haven't watched or checked your channel or YouTube for that matter for a few months. I too was in a burn out phase that had been playing out for ~half a year now. Just when I thought I was emerging for the better, tragedy struck. My beloved older brother suffered a stroke with complications. He was on life support for 6 weeks b/c life just was not fair and we could not let go. Recently he passed away and slowly the clouds are lifting. One of the main things I took from this experience is to not take things for granted, especially loved ones.
    Your discussion about burnout is excellent b/c it is so honest, introspective, and thorough as usual from Tony. I think one of the things your guys' brand has an edge on others is your teamwork and ability (esp chelsea) to be so down to earth and relate to everyday life and experiences. You guys are both very smart and obviously know your craft so well but you're also human. You should take a break/sabbatical as others have suggested. Tony, you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful, pretty, smart, and honest wife. Did I mention she is so beautiful??? 🙂 take her away with your daughter for a week or two and reconnect. Also, I apologize for the comment I made on your other video.
    I didn't know about your burn out and was just being selfish . Take care guys, I know you'll overcome.

  18. Check out resetting your personal circadian rhythm by spending a week without alarm clocks, technology, etc. This is easiest to do by camping in a tent, away for everyone, waking up to the sun and going to bed at dark. Grounding is also good to do. Basically it's being barefoot on the ground at least 15 minutes a day.

  19. Guys, first I want to say thank you so much for doing this video and being so upfront and honest about it.
    I'm currently coming to the end of a three month spell of being off sick because I was pushed so hard at work (not photo related) that I have been completely burned out. Its only now I'm starting to move back towards the things I enjoy doing, but even then its quite difficult.
    I still have a desire to go out with a camera, but almost invariably I end up staying indoors all day. On the plus side, its given me time to watch your videos (along with other creators obviously) which is slowly reigniting my desire to get outside and actually do something.
    I've even setup the darkroom in the spare room again.
    I'm sorry that you guys were dealing with being burned out, and I hope you're back on form now, but I wanted to thank you for showing that its not just the hobbyists like myself that struggle with it, and the tips you've given all make total sense.

  20. very good video guys — thanks!!
    triggers are the cure to burn-out — at least for me — and — new objectives provide good triggers! but: what provides the new objective? hmmmmmm…. events, customers, weather,– some sort of interruption. in the meantime try not to get burned out on those video games. those are not productive ( but knitting is )

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