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I LOVE this light stand: Stackable Manfrotto 1005BAC Review

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  1. I use C stands. Yes, they're big but the piece of mind is worth it. The problem I have with these types of stands are the feet. They are all the same level making it hard to use on uneven ground. Something that nobody mentions with stands. Oh and for travel you can rent C stands all over the world and you don't have to carry them far. Turtle based C stands are also great for breaking down to fit in a car. I still have my old light stands collecting dust in the corner. Be honest Tony, Would you rather put a $$ light on a $99 light stand or on a C stand with a sandbag?

  2. Bought a set of 4 of these stackers off eBay 3 years ago for a fabulous price. One of the latches at the base was broken… no big deal, I just put it at the end. The only bad part is now I have a bunch of cheap light stands (Lowell, Arri, Paul C. Buff, no-name Chinese ones…) that I never use but for some reason don't throw away. These are great stands for location work or studio.

  3. Good suggestion for the light stand but that's a whole lot of money once you get multiples! Yikes! So, stand, light and battery come to about $1500. Each. I'll have to stick with taping a flashlight to a fence for now. 😉

  4. I do love these and own 2 of them. However the clip that latches both tripod together could break off… (During air plane checked luggage).. Mine did… I even had them secured inside manfrottos bag with the inside straps.

  5. Thanks for the videos. They have been a major help in buying new gear. I have one question, would you trust a profoto b1 on that stand with a 40 inch beauty dish? Looking for a stand to use those on location at Wedding and engagement sessions. Thanks!

  6. Hi Tony and Chelsea,
    I’m actually looking at new lightstands, I finally moved from mounting camera flashes on umbrella holders to battery powered monolights.
    And, I’ve moved to softboxes.
    I have had 3 Manfrotto 1052BAC for years, but, as I’m looking to play more with beauty dishes and such, I’m looking to get something that will go higher, and allow me to mount a boom, and do location shoots.
    I was looking at the 1004BAC and the 1005; but, I’ve noticed a lot of people recommending C-stands.
    Finding head to head comparisons is practically impossible, and the closest thing to a camera store around here is Best Buy.

  7. I've had Bogen/Manfrotto light stands for 20+ years. My go-to have been the Bogen 3086 8-foot stands and I've got several 3097 7.5-foot compact stands. Just recently added a 10-foot Calumet stand for the same reason you wanted the 9-foot, and I'll be getting another. Bigger, beefier and heavier, it's not one I'll haul around unless there's a likelihood of needing something taller than 8 feet. Found the 7.5-foot work will on-location inside residences and similar venues with smaller spaces and lower ceilings than one finds in banquet halls and ballrooms. With lower residential height ceilings, anything more than 7.5 foot stand height is wasted and the smaller footprint fits better in smaller spaces while remaining stable. A number of years ago the Bogen name went away and everything became Manfrotto with their product numbers.

    I'm not as impressed with Manfrotto's current light stands as with their older ones. They've gone from the cast aluminum clamping sleeves to some form of plastic type material, and the knobs to tighten them are made of the same material. As long as they weren't abused or overloaded, stands like the 3086 and 3097 were bulletproof. The big problem with many stands is the plastic bases and clamps that eventually break. I won't go with a dirt cheap stand for that reason, but look for high quality used stands in decent condition. A few scratches and scrapes on a light stand are meaningless – as long as there are no dents or bends. They'll get them with use anyway and used stands are typically much less expensive. Bogen and Manfrotto made the 3086 and 3097 stands for other companies. Find out the model number and then seek them in addition to the Bogen/Manfrotto numbers.

    These older stands can be tougher to find in good condition, If one can be patient and grab them one at a time when they appear, it's worth the payoff with a very robust and extremely durable light stand..

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