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I LOVE this Lens 😍

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Be cool like Chelsea & buy the Nikon 105mm f/1.4: http://sdp.io/n10514 Technical review: http://sdp.io/n85vs.


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  1. You like a lens that costs $2200 and has color fringing issues and slow autofocus and is not sharp at all…but it does cost $2200 so everyone will look at you and say “hey, she has expensive stuff.” I love the Podcast and your channel but them’s the facts!

  2. I haven’t seen a choker since freshman year in high school. Had to watch the video twice bc the first two minutes went like this: Is that a choker necklace?
    Holy crap thats a choker for sure.
    *checks upload date
    Well damn, bring it back, Chelsea!
    Ah crap what did she say?

  3. I would jump now but at 105mm the 4 stops of image stabilization like on the 24-70 would significantly increase the keeper percentage.  Any chance for image stabilization coming to the 105?

  4. I'm sold! I see is as, if a lens can get that much excitement and pleasure out of someone, then its definitely worth the money. I bought a 400mm a couple of years ago yes its a shed loads of money, do I regret spending it. Nope not one little bit…

  5. What about a sigma art 1.4 for less than half??? Art series so far people need to zoom in 500% and pixel f___ corners hardcore to maybe see a diff.

    Glad you like it though!! For normal folks, go sigma art imo.

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