Home Photography I lost EVERYTHING! My workflow & backing up your photos/videos.

I lost EVERYTHING! My workflow & backing up your photos/videos.

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  1. I’m still confused on how to transfer the raw photos from my camera onto the external hard drive. That’s my main problem I’m having right now I’m a new photographer I need a little help

  2. Hearing someone who's not in IT talking about RAID makes me giddy.

    Personally: I edit off of an internal 1TB drive in my laptop. Then use URBackup on a Dell R710 and MD1000 SAN to create full and incremental backups.

  3. Dude that folder structure is way too intense. Why would you split video and photo on such a lower level when really you would be editing either photos with Lightroom or video with premiere/after effects as the first choice?

  4. Pro tip about dates and file names: the format 20191015 will display your folders in chronological order. Most other date formats will end up being out of order because files are sorted are alphabetically.

  5. Its so expensive. Im just going to buy a couple 2 TB lacie rugged drives, then buy an Asus BW-16D1H-U Pro External BlueRay Burner and burn the data on double layer 150TB disks that I can backup on some cloud somewhere.
    I run Mac, Windows and Linux. Reports are that is works great with Ubuntu and Fedora.

  6. Amazing – please can I employ you to organise every aspect of my life 😂😂😂- so close to where I am now – with a stack of lacies having just had one fail and no longer feeling intimidated by RAID

  7. Any update to your process and/or your thinking on the subject? Have you lived and learned, or is this still pretty much accurate today? * I'm referring to the hardware and RAID 6 configuration, not your file structure. Thanks.

  8. IMPORTANT: RAID is not a backup. It’s just a slightly better alternative to storing data on individual hard drives, since it can still work if one of the hard drives has a hardware failure. BUT, there are still a bunch of other reasons you could lose data: Fire, flood, burglary, accidental deletion, etc. You MUST go an extra step and use a cloud backup system like Backblaze, Google Drive, or something similar to automatically back up data from your RAID to the cloud. Then, you’ll have your data on the original hard drive, your RAID, and in the cloud. Your chances of losing your data at that point are almost zero.

  9. It's so depressing to loose photos/videos. For me it was my 10 years living in Hawaii that was lost from a crapped out backup drive. Memory don't fail me now! Do you backup to a cloud service (Flickr, Amazon, Google Drive, etc…)?

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