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I can't believe this FINALLY happened!!

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We have a drone! Pt 2 of the Kenya Vlogs. We fly the drone finally, and hit some epic spots for photos and videos! I can’t believe this final;;ly happened! Watch to …


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  1. Hey Pete, it’s been a while since I started following your content and been getting to the origins of the channel in hopes of getting to know “you” (the real you) better.
    This was a pleasent sourprise, your actual studio was once a friend’s studio to whom you sold some shit? How full circle is that? It would be nice to know a little backstory of this “studio” seems that it hunt you down after all…
    Love your style and contets! Keep it up, and if you ever plan a trip down to south america please let me know, I’d love to hook up!
    Cheers! 🤙🏻

  2. Wow, why didnt you just cross over to Uganda, there is awhole lot of stuff, you would have had alot of fun Pete. For how much fun you seemed to have, Uganda would double that twice, i guarantee. Think about it.

  3. Discovered you and your channel literally less than a week ago and 've been binge-watching the vids from the very (yet to be polished) beginning, like about five a day, and will continue chronologically til the most recent (yet to be discovered, exciting!).

    And I have to say that from all of them, some I really enjoyed mainly for the aesthetic (you rock Bro), this is one the most mature, informative and "human" (don't know how to say what I mean other than with this word). I don't know yet if you did other "documentary-like" vlog after this one, but I think there is a niche here : your specific aesthetic + meaningful / informative / documentary vidéos (topics) = BINGO !

    I'm a political activist and throwing style and dynamic identity to an informative video is definitely something we need to work on.

    As everybody else say, you're an inspiring person Pete.

    So that being said, hit that like button if you liked that comment, smash it if you so desire and, AND write you in an other video (maybe. Maybe not. No I will. Will I?).

  4. So, I have been watching so many videos of your learning Premier Pro this made me cry, Back story. My wife to be who I have been with for 17 years is from Nairobi Kenya, I have heard so many stories of how she used to live in Embu from time to time to live with her Grandma who owns a serval thousand acre coffee farm in Embu! She has always described the very things you have shown us! Where were you exactly Her grandma has one of the largest coffee farms in Embu? I cant wait to go there meet her family ans experience all that you are showing us!!!!!

  5. First off-I love your videos. Second-I love your vibes and third-the spiky toothpicks lol are a type of tree called acacia haha … I subscribed to your channel to learn more about photography but boy am I glad I stumbled across your videos (Part 1 & 2) of our beautiful country. 🙂 … Visit again. My family and I would be more than happy to host you and show you so much more 🙂 Cheers!

  6. It's truly moving and inspiring to know that a company as big as whole foods helps women and children in such a huge way. Thank you for always capturing such awesome life experiences from everywhere you travel to. Only inspires me more to keep pushing with my photography to one day be able to helps others and change lives by getting the word out with my art.

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