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  1. i'm just a beginner filmmaker (more of a graphic designer and photographer) but if anyone ever watches my stuff one day and says you're just another peter mckinnon I'm going to say thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Just started watching your content. I'm an avid photographer myself although I only use my phone but still high quality and really stunning. Once I have enough saved I will be getting a proper camera. Thanks for the inspiration and keep making videos because I will definitely watch. Dig the humour!

  3. This one must be the hundredth video i watch from you. I can see that what you show, what you create, it rocks. Pumps up my feelings about photography and content creation. Keep going, you're awesome.

  4. Thanks for talking about this, Pete. It's something that all new creators like me worry about. I noticed that whenever I watch many videos from a YouTuber/film director, I tend to adopt those styles but I'm also not sure as to how people would respond to it. You talking about this just makes new creators like us feel comfortable. Thanks for that bru!

  5. I also want to state something about this, I myself find it very useful to create something "exactly" the same as a form of education. I obviously wouldn't post it and try to be successful from something like that, but just in general when it comes to DIGITAL ARTS, I find it so useful to try to "recreate" that is so helpful to me. In photoshop sometimes I find posters online, and I try to recreate them, just to see if I'm capable. When it comes time for me to design something on my own, I have all these awesome ideas and unique ways of making everything come together because of it.

    So yeah totally understand what peter is talking about, but also feel like it's helpful for people who are not as creative to use it as a stepping stone.

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