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How To Track Graphics To Your Footage

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  1. Why create the 3D camera and the initial null if you create a 2nd null and copy the position to the graphic? How are the null, camera, and graphic tied together or linked?

  2. That was such a wonderful tutorial! I understood the technique within the first 6 minutes but stayed until the end of the video simply because it was so funny. I also loved the smoothie interruption 😀 Can't wait to watch the rest of the videos <3

  3. Why don't you and Peter use the 3D Camera Tracker? Using the Legacy Tracker is what you'd use if the Camera Tracker does not work or you have CS5.5 or earlier. The 3D Camera Tracker came in around CS6. Please try it!

  4. Awesome video!

    But there is something I don't understand. When you are adding a text, why are you using "create null and camera" and not "create text and camera"? What is the difference? Maybe make a movie explaining all three? 🙂 (create text, create solid and create null).

  5. your tutorials man, da best, easy to follow, straight to the point, great examples and you mentioned the short cut keys too!!! I love it! keep these videos coming!!! Lots to learn from you!

  6. Hi, I’ve recently seen a great effect, Donald trump signing some agreement and when he picks it up from his desk to show it off there’s someone face either traced or superimposed it! Do you know how this is done!? Thanks for a great vid 👍🏽

  7. Maaaan you a life saver… I been on YouTube 2 days straight.. trying to pin this flair to a glass.. thank you man! Been watching and learning from you a fue years tho.

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