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How to Scan Film With a DSLR

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In this video, we answer a question from a viewer asking us how film can be scanned more conveniently and quicker. We take a bog standard DSLR and use …


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  1. Just wondering, if you need to do so much colour correction in post, how can you replicate the "neutral" look of the film? I mean all different film brands and series have their own unique look right?

  2. Trouble is, you're not scanning with a DSLR, you're taking a snap shot. Hence you're not recording true colour at each pixel point. If any reason you shoot film are for the colours. So basically, use this method to combine the worst out of both digital and film systems……pointless really.

  3. Blown highlights & blocked up shadows in the DSLR SCAN, BUT YOU DID REMOVE THE BLUE(opps caps) cast. I've seen others do a great job on 6×4.4.5 negatives.

  4. Hi, I'm using this method with my Nikon D7200 and a 50mm f/1.8 for 35mm films. The thing is that I need to crop from the original 6000×4000 to around 1600×1000 –> losing quality.

    How can I remedy to this issue ?

    Merging same pictures ?

    Thank youuuu

  5. Ive been using the nikon es-1 to do the same thing (basically just a better version of the cup thing he made). I get 24mp "scans" from my d600. Works great for slide film, but for negative film its pretty difficult to get the colors corrected.

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