Home Photography How to REMOVE PEOPLE from your photos EASILY!

How to REMOVE PEOPLE from your photos EASILY!

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  1. Can I just say thank you so much for doing this, ALL of your videos! I'm learning so many things and it's really helpful not just for my exam submissions but also as a person who's keen to pursue a career in filming. Thank you !! 😀

  2. imagine telling your friend, Yo Peter McKinnon pushed me and said get out the way hoe, trying to get a better picture than your T3i….ok not that funny id cry smh

  3. Ha ha after 10 minutes waiting for the bucket shot from on top of borobudur temple in java, a security dude came along to move everybody out of my FOV. Kudos to Indonesians who appreciate those taking real photos as opposed to everybody else taking trivial selfies.

  4. I'm trying to follow your steps; however, every time I hit "Shift-Delete" I keep getting an error message, "could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable."

  5. That guy is still ripping down the street on his ATV… I should go chase him down….. THANKS FOR WATCHING! Hope you guys enjoyed the little tip (for those of you who aren't using it already!)

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