Home Photography How to remove FLICKER from your videos!

How to remove FLICKER from your videos!

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Video Editing hack on how to remove unwanted flicker from your videos and SAVE YOUR FOOTAGE! Lightroom PRESET PACK: https://goo.gl/BeQAcG The …


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  1. I watched this about a year ago and remembered it today when I needed it for the first time! Thanks for all the tips no matter how small they amount to me being a better cinematographer. Keep kicking ass, looking forward to seeing this new office.

  2. Just subscribed! And then I've realised that you uploaded this video on my birthday! So double happy that I've found you (and solved so magnificently my flicker problem!)

  3. Hey Peter, i still get the flicker!!! A bit less, but is till there. I imagine my original flicker was a motherfucker haha. If i triple the layer, the flicker is complectly gone, but the image gets blurred. any idea on how to fix this, forever?

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