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How to paint a Leica M9 Pinkenta

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The Bloody Producer jokingly asked Kai to paint his Leica M9(http://bit.ly/Leic-M9) pink. The problem is, he took it seriously. Pricing Reference: …


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  1. I like The DRTV team. I really do. I think you're a quirky bunch of post-modern entertainers! I find your humor funny, Lok's nerdiness charming and Alamby is just plain adorable. But your quirkiness need to stand side-by-side with the good taste that you're sometimes missing. A lot of us regard the M9 as a design and engineering marvel and if you want to paint it, you need to do it with the respect it deserves.

    That's why Kai, my advice is that I think you should learn a bit about model-painting (it's not that hard), seeing as you already have the technical know-how on camera assembly. You've even already started on your way, seeing as you know you need to sand and prime your parts first. But I've seen the videos where you "paint" stuff. You can't even spray-paint properly, man! Learn how to paint and you'll be able to avoid the chipping around the edges, that awful orange-skin texture and even preserve the texts and symbols around the dials (yes it's possible). Warm greetings from your fan in Indonesia. Cheers!

  2. Why all the whining?
    Someone went, paid $8,000 for a luxury camera, and messed it up.
    It's a thing.
    It doesn't care. Why does everyone care about what other people are doing with their money? More will be made, more will be sold, Leica has their money and will continue to produce new stuff, big deal.

    Yes, tools are important. But it's not what tool you use, it's how you move people with what you made with said tool.
    If Kai wants to paint it, big deal.

    Oh, and for all of you, "But but they coulda given it to me…" You didn't buy it. Make your own way and quit complaining.

  3. I think customizing your gear is cool and if you want a pink Leica, go for it. They aren't rare, just expensive, and it's your money. Now having said that, there is a right way and a few wrong ways to put a new finish on metal parts, and this is one of the wrong ways. The close up of the pink camera top shows a lumpy orange peel-looking finish that looks like some kid in day care finger-painted it while picking his nose. Get a professional to do it right or at least look for tutorials to get better at it. The concept itself is cool.

  4. voir un con de chinois detruire un appareil a ce prix la,on aura tout vu !!!
    et en plus,si tu veux une Leica rose,et bien chez LEICA ils te la font rose et pas avec un spray,pauvre con !!!

  5. Kai, you really need to improve your spraying technique! The finish always comes out poorly because you're doing thick coats without sweeping, which creates spattering. If you get farther away and just dust coats on while sweeping the can, you'll get a much nicer look.

  6. These young people just don't appreciate good satire any more. Maybe we should all have the Leica dot tatoo'd to our third eye and start a new cult of those who had to settle for Fuji, the poor man's Leica. That'd be Mod…or would it be Rocker? Not Sure.

  7. What paint do you use to retouch the camera body by hand and paintbrush? Some of the black paint on my camera is worn off, and it shows the metal base. It's a glossy finish. Thanks in advance!

  8. what a fool – a four thousand dollar camera [used CAD] or even more, now destroyed with pink spray paint dripping everywhere! – never liked this fella anyway. He tries too hard to be a comedian rather than seriously concentrating on the review gear – channel is a waste of time in my books, as this boneheaded maneuver proves only too well.

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