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How to Make Your Own Cinemagraphs

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Go with the flow! Create a cinemagraph with TR. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/DRHowTo [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub ————————— Brought to you by Wix …


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  1. Two thumbs up! One for the great video and 1 for the dog. Would like a follow up on this though, one that shows "How to Make Your Own Cinemagraphs" instead of cinemagraphy tips. Nevertheless great video. Thanks.

  2. Damn charming and pleasant video. Keep it up! And do make a tutorial or even just process overview of one simple cinemagraph. This video is a very good tease for that, if comments are something to go by.

  3. Cinemagraphs are something I specialise in (partly hobby and sometimes paid gigs)… really good overview and love how you compared gifs to a tacky souvenir at the end! Ha 😉 I don't dislike gifs for what they are but ultimately they're just a file format which loops, that's about the only similarity. Because of that some people choose to export their cinemagraphs as a gif instead of a loopable video file, the gif ends up with a bloated file size and limited to 256 colours instead of millions like video. Maybe you'll do a part 2 on the edit process? I personally use that "$200 app"… not to let the truth get in the way of a good story but the app is only part of the package, it's mainly desktop software (Mac only) along with custom cinemagraph cloud hosting and embedding tools so for people like me or other photographers who can make these chargeable for clients so it pays itself off very quickly with the time saved in post production (trust me it's way faster and has pro quality output like ProRes 4K output etc). You'll find the blinking still freaks people out a bit, same as cinemagraphs with randomly moving limbs (like you discovered on the tea pouring)… gives them a freaky living mannequin feel. Great results from your shots though… I totally agree subtlety is best, and to think of them as a photo first 🙂

  4. Nice video…but, I have to suggest given its title, the vid is a fail… if the title were something like, "the art of moving pictures", or " fun w cinemagraphs"… I pers'onally like "taking pictures and breathing life into them"… or simply, " breath life into that picture!"see what I mean? But, "how to make cinemgragh", then 1 min in declare, I'm not gong to show you'… that turned an excellent video into a " fail". That said, it was a well put together video, and I enjoyed the presentation .

  5. 3:50
    1) the fingers patting the dog's neck
    2) The eyes blinking
    3) The hair on the forehead moving with the wind
    4) One single hair just right of the arm moving in the wind
    5) The bubbles in the glass of water

    Nailed it, right? 😉

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