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How To Make Spanish Paella | Omar Allibhoy

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Ok before you shout at us, recipes for paella differ from region to region, and this seafood-free version is Omar’s take on the classic Paella Valenciana.


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  1. Outstanding. Did you prepare this paella in an iron pan? I want to know if I can prepare an authentic paella on my cast iron skillet. Or if not strictly authentic, delicious successful and tasty …

  2. That's one great dish and delicious too…can you make a video on how you prepare chicken stock for your recipes? i've gone through many available in youtube, however would like to know your take on the same..

  3. first paella it's origined from andalucia culture ( arab ) witch mean the left-over . they put what left of meath or fish in rice . second safran doesn't exist in spain it's cannot grow in cold . it's cultivated in morrocco . just to clear thing out .

  4. My intention is not to teach anyone becuse i'm an enthusiast and not a professional; but as a valencian i must writte something, we use to put the tomatoe before the smoked paprika or pimenton. The intention to do that is to ensure the pimenton uses the water of the tomatoe so it will never get burn.

    But i must say, besides that. is almost perfect even for a valencian. Very well done!

  5. Finally!! I am Spanish, and THIS is the closer to a good paella. Thank you for taking the time to do this, and show the world how amazing Spanish cuisine is. And you are doing it the right way. THANKS and LOVE from Spain!!!! 🙂

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