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How to Make Naan Bread – 3 Ways | Food With Chetna

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Caramelised Garlic, Spicy Fried Onion and Peshwari – Chetna shows you how to make the perfect naan bread and top it in three deliciously different ways.


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  1. Ohhh wow.like u will kill it..awesome trisome..love naan and nw with three fav ways… definitely to try..love ur presence and style Chetta

    beautiful voice e like Rani..best wishes

  2. I heard from my friends that Naan needed to be made with yeast. But this recipe doesnt have that. will it be very different? Do u think Naan with yeast taste better? THX

  3. One of the worst things about being gluten intolerant is that I can never have a proper tastig naan. Have tried making my own gluten free versions but until now I haven't cracked it yet. These look so good and I wish I could try them out 🙁

  4. I get triggered when I see 'naan bread' ? See how silly it sounds saying 'baguette bread' or saying 'loaf bread'. There's no need, everyone knows that a naan is a bread

  5. Chetna thank you. I have contemplated making naan here in Germany without a gas stove and just my electric one. But in your video, they turned our nice and airy in the oven too. I'm looking forward to trying this recipe.

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