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  1. I’m just trying to find time to make short films and put that on my channel, my content is not at all consistently uploaded. Subscriber count super low… yeah…. no one really sees my films. Don’t know what to do about it, just hope that some day I will be able to turn it into something when I am more experienced in my craft.

  2. your selling your souls to satan and the beast machine! its not worth it, did you thinksitting at home doing nothing to contribute to society and stealing dumb peoples money wouldnt cost you something! nothing is easy or free!

  3. great intro. What gear did you use for most of those videos in your intro? What drone and what cameras? Also you mentioned you're in TO. But I detect a slight accent. Are you originally from somewhere in Scandinavia?

  4. you should of added in with the views being what matter is that watch time in the videos also matters thats why you see everyone making 10 min + videos now because you can put more ads on the video and people watching the video will be shown more ads depending how long they watch the video ( skipping parts of video = less ads as well)

  5. udemy is pretty good I was learning Blender on that site this fall – until I had to get ready to move. beauty is I can just go back and finish anytime because of the single payment per course vs a subscription. I might have to sign up for your course in the future.

  6. I don’t really like to comment, but I just felt like I should. Sharing is good. You people need to know about this site I came across recently. It is called ATOCE. C OM “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”

  7. Thank you ! That's really interesting !
    I see that all your Amazon links are on the US website but do you use a US Tracking ID or a a Canada Tracking ID ? Is it better to have everything on the US Amazon even if we live in Canada ? Thank you man.
    Love your channel !

  8. Most honest and open review on how photographers make money. Well done on what you have achieved. Started getting into your channel a couple weeks back awesome content and very professional nice.

  9. Hey Matti, I started my channel years ago, but just to show my work “to the world” without thinking there was anything else there. Fast forward a few years when I discovered you and Peter, and I must say you guys really inspired me to make something of it. I don’t know if I can achieve the same kind of success as you, but I reckon the trip is as exciting as the destination, if not more. So for this, and for all your cool videos, thank you, Sir!

  10. I would highly recommend getting your hands on product that you plan on backing. Regardless if it’s shopify or another platform. Now, the odds that it’s going to be sketchy with shopify are very low because they have a good reputation but I’d still have product in hand prior to promoting!

  11. This is seriously useful information that I’ve been following as of recently. I started out wanting to create a page full of just music production with graphics as the whole video and my page had minor success but I only had one video with over 400 views. I’m really excited to start really getting more into being in front of the camera really reaching out to my niche of producing and music making. As a digital media major in college I started YouTubing again just as kind of a thing to do to show future employers skills I could bring to their company. Great video and great advice!

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