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How To Make Money Making Films – Dont Be A Struggling Artist

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  1. I need to learn good transition techniques and how to actually plan these kind of videos for businesses. Any chance you cover all this in your membership? Awesome content!

  2. Well done Matti. I’m a college student majoring in business and then after college focusing on being a fulltime freelance videographer/photo.

    To my fellow college students that are trying to make money for your filmmaking business, I’ve found that offering photoshoots ranging from $25-75 USD and doing sports photos gets you a decent cash flow (well, decent enough to get you by).

    Depending on you, you can make just as much if not more than a part time job, also it’s not as dry as working at a mall or something lol.

  3. ANYONE that starts believing that they "too good" for a 'too small' or 'lesser' project that comes their way is a failure. Just because you get experience does not make you better than the next guy or too good to accept a lesser paying gig.

    Those lesser paying gigs are where you started and forgetting that makes you a FAILURE!

  4. These are my notes for the video.

    Traditional route :
    1. Go to film school
    2. Get into a production crew and work there.
    If you’re a hard worker then you’re probably gonna get called for another project.
    But you need to have a portfolio to get into one.

    Try to approach as many agencies.

    [You get paid by day rates usually]

    Unconventional routes :

    1. Wedding filmmaking
    2. Corporate films (they don’t need to be that flashy but they pay quite well)
    3. Passive Income – sell stock footage, YouTube, affiliate marketing, etc.

    • never think a project is beneath you.
    • don’t under charge and finally
    • don’t work for free even if little start charging right away.

  5. Hi Matti, big fan of ya. I have been a small video/photo business that is PT for a year or so.

    I'm about to get let go from my day job soon. Just wanted to let you know because of your videos. You give me hope to make a good life shooting video/photos.

    Cheers my guy. I'm going in!

  6. I was not sure if i would go through the entire video, and i did. This video is so great, it really motivated me and made me focus on the things i have to make now, im starting a carrer as a filmaking/editor , so thanks matti, great video ♥

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  8. been a fan of your channel for a while and just now came across this video, i have primarily shot music videos since starting my journey and i was lucky to have a solid base of local artists ready to work but after this video i'm ready to jump into weddings, corporate and other types, always love your videos

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