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  1. Lol! I just drew a blank. Instead of commenting on the top, I scrolled all the way to the bottom. Then I had to scroll all the way up to the top. She is so adorable. Yayyy for her success. I need a mentor, too, Matti. You should totally take me on as a beta project; โ€œCan we make a middle-aged mom from the San Francisco Bay Area a YouTuber? Yes! Of course, you could!

  2. Thanks Matti! Good luck Marina with your YouTube! BIG step. Wondering if I can do it myself. Been posting weekly for a month now. Always thinking about the next thing! Scary!

  3. Matti, this video was so inspirational. Marina is super talented and I loved hearing about her path to success. Keep making such amazing content and thank you for this. I really needed to hear it today ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  4. I'd love it if Youtubers didn't have the music CRANKED and the voices – the most important part – much quieter. I have to keep adjusting my volume through entire videos (not just Matti's but 99% of them). Still love your vids Matti.

  5. Hey, Matti! Probably won't see this since this is an older video and you have tons of stuff. Just wanted to write this here.

    I'm a husband, father of two amazing identical 1 year old twin girls, and I work a 9-5 while building my channel. I've been hustling and I'm super focused because I want this to be my main thing. It will. Just a matter of time! My wife is super supportive. It's not easy, but I know I can pull this off. I'm pumped. So pumped. I've been watching your videos for the past year just learning from you.

    Dude, keep crushing it. Stay awesome.

    Just wanted say thanks. Did I mention how pumped I am? haha

  6. LAUGHABLE.. Matti, I have been like subscribed to your channel since the old Travel days. I have been like entertained and informed by you for like quite some time. But this one like really like drove me nuts. Like WHY you may ask? Because of the number of times you guys like said "LIKE". Damn. You said 'like' 47 times. Marina beat you. She said 'like' 77 times. To me it was almost like laughable. Let me stand corrected. To me it was almost laughable. I used to watch Joe Allam. One time he said "yeah" so much I just had to make a short video about it. We both had a laugh.

    Keep up the good work. I think you're like Great. That's not right, you are better than that. You are not like Great, you actually ARE GREAT. There is a difference. Later

  7. Just realized a cool thing you do Matti, whether intentional or not. You have interesting pet asides that add coolness, attractiveness, worth to your vids. One of them is the One Wheel, and here, "One Wheel Skates"? These side things add fun without being distracting. Mascot things. Yes! Cheers, brother.

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