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How To Find What You LOVE…

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COLOR GRADED USING THESE – https://goo.gl/YKAtkY MUSIC FROM HERE – https://goo.gl/JHSSv3 GEAR USED↓↓↓ https://kit.com/MattiHaapoja SOCIALS …


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  1. Hey Matti i really love your work ! i can't talk about your skill all day but let me get to the point would you mind teach us or make a reaction video to your Travel Feel videos i really love them and i watch them over and over to master the skill but that is not enough for me i wish your read my Comment and at least give me a feedback your fan Achilleas Kritikos from Greece Crete island. Peace

  2. Matti – Excellent travel video and wonderful color grading as well !! one question MattiHaapoja – what is the brand of the featured camping tent, with a cage like frame, ?

  3. I hope you guys liked this one! Definitely one of my favourites I've made. A ton of time and effort went into this personal project so if you like it please do like/share it around!

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