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How to find MUSIC for YOUR VIDEOS!!

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EPIDEMIC SOUND : https://goo.gl/IMZC9A I get asked ‘Where do you get your music from?’ at least 200 times a day from people all over the globe. Let’s face it …


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  1. The thing is that the more stories you post the better it is for you because they are going to show up on the first of the stories that your friends see on the app, so if you edit 20 stories a day that would be a pain in the ass. Unless f.e. some of the profiles that your followers follow have more than 20 stories they will see your stories first…

  2. You & Casey were my main reasons why i started filmmaking 3 months ago. Watching your videos gives me chills because i can really tell that you love what you do from the bottom of your heart. It's really inspiring. Thank you for being on this planet, and thank you that you share your skillset with us. People like you make the world to a better place. Keep on rocking! Big Love from Germany !

  3. Thank you for your tips! I have a question for you: when do you usually choose your music in your workflow? There are a lot of different philosophies, what's yours? Thank you very much for your passion and your commitment

  4. Bull crap. You have to stay subscribed to use Epidemic content right? My video created last month under my membership with Epidemic is now worthless now that I’m not subscribed, correct?

  5. Thanks for being an encouragement to so many people who are looking to be creative. You are definitely helping me to try some of my ideas. I’m having fun learning. Cheers!

  6. 6:58 No, no, no, no, no.. That's BAD advice, ma man! Even if you reach out to music artists directly and he/she is super chill & will give you permission to use their music, you can still get into trouble later on down the road. Why? Because if the artist blows up & will sign a contract with ANY major record label, they will most likely end up under the umbrella of an absolute POS like UMG (Universal Media Group), which will IMMEDIATELY claim all your shit RETROACTIVELY. The artist's prior permission would mean jack at that point (unless you will literally ask them to sign a serious legal contract allowing you to use your music, at which point the artist probably will probably tell you to "beat it"). Your video WILL be taken down, your video WILL be demonetised (or revenue will be taken away) and your channel WILL get a strike.

    Don't do it, kids.

  7. Thanks Peter!
    Been watching your videos for a few months (love them and I've learned heaps!) and really like how you use music & SFX! Thanks for the heads up about Epidemic, just signed up 🙂

  8. what about using a audio from another youtube video….is it ok if you just ask that person if you can use it to make a youtube video if they have it on a youtube video? like a cover?

  9. Fun fact:
    This is where PewDiePie's editor gets all the music for videos. So if you like a song you hear on a PewDiePie video, you can easily find it here. Epic.

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