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How To EXPORT Properly to MAXIMIZE Your Video Quality

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  1. Oh man, I wish I saw this video before editing. The project is due tomorrow so it's too late for me. I'll practice this on the next project. Thank you for this video! Soooo useful!!!

  2. Hey Matti…I keep coming back to your videos, just cuz there's so much info in them. I just ran into a problem that seems to be a big problem…wondering if you have any thoughts/solutions:

    Rendering out of Premiere Pro CC, the resulting files have color shifts, in brightness and saturation. I'm on iMac. It seems there's a lot of posts about it, but no one seems to have a solution…other than the one that said to export in ProRes, load that up into After Effects, and render out of that, and it retains some more of the brightness & saturation fx added in PP Grading. But as of now, After Effects won't render to H.264 anymore, and AME has the same issue that PrPro has. Very frustrating.

    Could you do a little video on this issue…with possible fix or workaround? Thanks man…you're the best!!

  3. prores is only for Mac or recommended on PC too? I am on PC but while I can see and edit prores footage, there is no option to export (there is the quicktime option, but no 422 or else options..anyone?

  4. I shoot with a canon 80D and it has the capability of shooting raw photos but theres no raw video. I have heard about magic lantern which allows you to shoot raw video. Has anyone tried this? Is it worth it? What are the up's and what are the down's?

  5. Someone please answer this question. If I turn like 20 clips into pro res, and then upload it into my premiere pro bin, then turn them into a proxy, will I still have the pro res version of that file after I export it and render it?

  6. Hi Matti, very nice stuff but I have a question if you can help (or anyone else here). Would you know why i get really bad ProRes exports? They have low contrast and not very similar colour to my timeline. I see you get to choose form 24 to 48 bit depth for export but I only get 8 to 16 and I think its this. What am I doing wrong?

  7. So question, i use the 1dx mark ii and the main reason i do not shoot 4k is because my laptop cant handle those files. Would you suggest I convert those files to ProRes and use those to edit? Also, what would my export settings be for youtube using the 4k files converted to ProRes if I want to export in 4k quality?

  8. Hey Matti, I know this is an older video but is this still the way you do things in 2019 with PPCC? I'm having all kinds of issues with it even down to the way my footage looks out of camera (The same EOS-R kit you use btw) Do you have an updated version if it isn't.
    Also, do you have an up to date video of how you set up PPCC, preferences etc, I feel I'm missing something, I must be. So frustrating! How can i be shooting C-log on the same gear, using the same software and it's looking poor and the editing software isn't acting the same 😳🤬
    Thanks for any help
    Cheers, JT

  9. Can i export to h 264 codec right after transcoding to prores and grade the footage,or i nead to export the graded footage to prores and then transcode for youtube? Thanks

  10. Ok so I've always just take the files from my camera and edit those files and then I export them in H.264 when im done. my computer is powerful enough to where it handles it just fine I have a sony a7iii, so what question is, do you lose any quality doing this or is it better just to continue doing the way I've been doing it since I haven't had any issues? and I don't really worry about rendering time..

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