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How To EDIT To Music Like A PRO

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  1. DUDE Matti sweet video! And how do you cut so fast without switching to the cut tool??? are you just double clicking? id really like to know cuz it looks like it saves a lot of time!

  2. Any reason you’re not using markers in the soundtrack?  I typically listen to the track and add markers first, then pull in and trim the clips. 
    I then count the clips and the markers to get an idea how far off I am between music and clips…Really tedious, but it sort of works for me.  (I'm sure there's a better way.)  Just curious if there’s a reason since you’re much more experienced than I am.

  3. God your workflow is like 100x faster than mine haha, awesome been looking how to cut songs sooner. I never thought to cut the song with itself, nice thank you Matti

  4. I feel like the only one that knows about splice.com. But I make own music in GarageBand but it’s so easy… is that why no one mentions it? Yes it’s loops etc. but basically songs that you basically own when you add other elements to it (if I’m not mistaken)

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