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How to Edit Portraits in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

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  1. Awesome! One thing I suggest. Don't crop first in Lightroom if you plan on editing it in PS. Those pixels will be gone. Instead, hold off on cropping until it's brought back to LR from PS. I always do RAW edits is LR, then go to PS to touch up, then save back to LR where I then crop, vignette or do any other tweaks. This way you will still have all those pix to play with if the client wants a different crop. Also your vignette, etc won't be baked in either. Good stuff though, I love the videos you guys make!

  2. Not sure how a 2013 video came up in my Youtube feed but this is EPIC!! hahaha The ending is without a doubt my favorite part of any Tony & Chelsea video in the history of forever! So happy this video came up.

  3. Well, first off, f*** Biggie, f*** Bad Boy as a staff, label, and as a m***********g crew.

    Second, the subtle changes you did on this tutorial get a bit lost on 4K screens. Are the video tutorials in the book updated to be in 4K?

  4. Firstly I’m a fan, however the contrast of the original pic of you daughter looked so much better. What is the constant need to cut of the top 10% of portraits? There is no argument for it and it simply looks like the shot has been poorly composed or over cropped. It’s fine if you want every shot to look like it is in a kids magazine, personally I really dislike it.

  5. When I finish editing a photo in lightroom classic cc, when I send it to photoshop from lightroom to touch up certain things a lot of my options are grayed out. If I Exporting it, and open it from photoshop I don't have that problem. Please help.

  6. Hi, there. Thanks for the video!

    Using Lightroom Classic CC 8.0 here on PC; when I right click the image in Lr to Open in Ps, I have all the options to edit my photo greyed out. I am not able to figure out why this is happening. I can use all the tools in the left margin in photoshop to edit the photo, but if I click on any of the tabs above (File, Windows, Image, Layer, Type, Select, etc) all the options are greyed out. If I select the lasso tool, I am able to select areas of my image, but if I hit "Backspace" to bring up the "Content Aware Fill", the area selected is actually deleted and I see the background (white checkered background).

    Can anyone help me out?

  7. Pretty important detail that was not shown: If you want to know how to send the photo back to lightroom, the instructions are as follows:

    // 5. Now let’s say you’ve made some changes in Photoshop and you want to get back to Lightroom with your newly improved picture. Choose File > Save.

    DO NOT choose Save As. If you change the name of the file it won’t pick up the changes in Lightroom and your workflow is broken.

    Now click back into Lightroom and you will see your changed file and the original file in your Lightroom Library. //

    Thanks to: http://www.laughing-lion-design.com/2009/03/how-to-jump-from-lightroom-to-photoshop-and-back/

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