Home Photography How to edit AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

How to edit AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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  1. Not gonna lie, if I had to figure out how to do the before and after on my own, it would've been by accident. And since it wouldve been by accident, I would rated because I would've that that i undid everything i did…..

  2. Okay, I've been on a binge of your channel for the past couple of days but despite the awesome stuff you put out, it really bothers me how cavalier you are with manipulation. I mean yes, it's a tool in making art, I get that, and there is nothing at all wrong with it. But you probably wouldn't call a printer just a tool alongside a brush and paper a canvas while claiming to be a painter. To me, editing stuff heavily, and adding/removing content is graphic design or digital art, not just photography, and my beef is that calling images like this a 'photo' sets an unreasonable expectations towards someone aspiring to become a better photographer and trying to take images like this.

  3. So when you're talking about rating and showing pics are those straight outta the camera? B/c they are super intense saturation. Do you have your camera set to capture with a default mode of high saturation? I know over-saturation is kinda in now (almost like that awful overdone HDR was a few years ago) but didn't know if you're doing that in post or if it was a capture thing…

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