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How to Edit a Black & White Portrait in Lightroom

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  1. I'm thinking there is something going on with these black and white photos… You'll notice on the last episode Tony's shirt looked strikingly like a checkerboard floor. This is because it's a metaphysical alchemical idea about light and dark fused together. If you notice Tony will sometimes wear a Jersey with the number…33… This is to signal to the other photoillumanti his true identity. You'll notice his name, Tony Northup is to symbolize 11, or 46 and 2, calling for the last king of the North to attack the last king of the South and lead a world Army with the Persians. Tony on the last episode said the words, "Make sure you're looking with your minds eye," implying his third eye, the eye of Ra, the eye of Horus. I would not be surprised if Tony was to introduce a, "photo walk," into Cern Switzerland at the LHC around September 25th. This is because he's wanting to get 4k video of Apollyon himself coming out of the pit. Tony is offering video books for the low price of 9.99, if you flip it upside down, 666. WORLDWIDE shipping he says, this a cryptic announcement to the birthing of the new world order.

  2. I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with the Lightroom book that I purchased the quality of the book was apparent and the information very well written. Cheers to you both and good job on the videos.

  3. That was really good. I have light room 5 and use it often, but never used the brush. ..dah. I will be putting it to use because I do like the b&w look. nice job! I have your book and it's very informative. thanks.

  4. Chelsea when setting the white & black points at around 0:56 did you know that you can hold the shift key and double click on the word "whites" or "blacks" and Lightroom CC 2015 will set the white/black points automatically? I find it works quite well, after using auto white/black point you can compare the two methods by holding the alt key and clicking the slider. Both methods move the slider to very nearly the same place, but one is faster the other provides more control. As with any auto setting it does not work on every image but gives good results most of the time. Just another tool in the tool box you can make use of the one that best suits you needs.

  5. Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto, cela a changer mes photos en noir et blanc. J'ai maintenant un rendu beaucoup plus professionnel. Si vous avez le meme tuto mais pour les portrait couleur, je suis preneur.Guy from Guadeloupe, french west indie.

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