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How to Clone Yourself in Photos

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Clone yourself in photos by following this guide on how to make digital doppelgängers. Special Thanks: Videoblocks.com for graciously providing premium stock …


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  1. I've done my share of cloning photography and it's even easier with a free drawing app. Some of them let you layer multiple images. Like you said you lineup the background and then all you do is erase the spot where the subject is in the bottom image. Then merge the two images together. Done! Adobe Photoshop is a waste of money in my opinion. I use free apps @artistianpaulalbert Instagram

  2. YO I'm a computer science student and I made a mobile app that allows you to clone yourself / twin yourself reaaally quickly in a photo. It's quick, easy to use, and it has a smooth brush so that makes the results realistic, You people might enjoy it

    Its called "Clone yourself – camera for twin effect photos" by Christmas Co.

    —-> Currently available only on android.

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