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How To Break Down A Chicken | 1 Minute Tips | Food Busker

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Food Busker shows you how to break down a whole chicken in one minute flat. How to prepare a mango | http://jamieol.com/Q5KqHO For more nutrition info, …


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  1. I really like your channel, but whenever this "not really showing anything" kind of editing occurs it really isn't helpful: You can't see what is being talked about and you cannot really grasp the concept of what is being explained. If "style over substance" can be said about a food program, of all things, something's wrong.

  2. Fudhouse or Jacque Pepin is a much better walk through.  This is not how to break down a bird.

    Also, how you don't even mention the oyster blows my mind. Left the best part of the bird… for stock.

  3. cant understand why so many people´s "bashing" this video.
    after reading some off the cooments i decided to watch it without sound
    and i could understand most parts
    the chest one is the tricky cause the camera couldnt catch a really great angle
    but over all, i could understand

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