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How To Become A Filmmaker + Iceland + PETER!

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  1. I started watching your vids just before I bought my gopro hero 6 a couple of weeks ago to try and find out somethings about it and then went on to try and learn as much as I can about making films I like your channel a lot and its got great down to earth tips without all the fluff and BS so that we know it takes work a lot of it to become good so I subscribed I'm very new to film and started making little vlogs for fun but I do love watching fantastic videos from talented people I plan to step my game way up and improve with time thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm always amazed when I see the footage of Peter running with the car. The footage is so smooth it's not even funny. Obviously slowing it down, especially from 120p to 24p, helps but man, awesome shot. Thanks for the content, Matti!

  3. You mention learning to be one of the core principles in becoming successful – and I totally agree! (With everything in this crazy life) – What tutorials would you recommend in relation to video editing and photography/cinematography/film-making?

  4. Once again really cool video. I think it's awesome that you mentioned church in your video. You have a big platform to work from, God is going to use you. Keep on producing awesome footage man! All the best!

  5. The extra or bonus tip I would give is also be proficient at some sort of decent video editing software. Take the best of the best, trash the rest etc. That's where a great video is truly separated from so so video.

  6. I'm starting to feel like Canadians are all just good guys. I've pretty much binge watched all of Peters vids this year…..so guess I'd better start on yours now 🙂 Off to Iceland in a caravan in March and will do my best to emulate something of your shots

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