Home Photography How Sony's TERRIBLE Cameras Beat Canon & Nikon

How Sony's TERRIBLE Cameras Beat Canon & Nikon

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  1. I am glad to hear that SOMEBODY hates Sony's focusing on the a6000 series and think it sucks. For a long time, I thought it was just me or that my camera was defective. I have owned an a55, a58, 4x a6000 and an a6500. Both the a55 and a58 exploded (literally) as the shutter just shattered. I had so many a6000's as the focus sucked so bad compared to the a55 and a58 that I kept thinking something was wrong with them so I resold them on eBay. One, however, had the flash and viewfinder burn out. As for the a6500, I couldn't really see much difference between it and the a6000 (I don't shoot 4K), including the focus still sucked, so I resold it fast before the price dropped.
    For all I do not like about Sonys, I still am using an a6000 and am considering picking up a used a7Riii as I can't give up the electronic viewfinder.

  2. the first inventor of digital camera is Steve Sasson who worked for eastman kodak in the good old USA…I wonder if …that's why very early on, Digital camera were made oversea but under Kodak brand ..it's is the USA who dropped the ball and helped Sony success..

  3. I think sony had a good little run there while the big boys had no proper mirrorless camera systems, and they might keep some market share, but the new big boy systems seem potentially (if not yet fully realized) way better than what sony are going to be able to do. You're not gonna be able to mount those canon r lenses on a sony camera, or the new nikon mirrorless lenses. Sony shooters used to have access to all the best canon glass by adapting ef lenses, but if the rf lenses surpass the ef versions, its gonna be check and mate…i mean as long as you don't mind a decade old sensor with crummy shadows.

  4. Oh man, I remember when our newsroom got a Sony Mavica. The editors and layout people rejoiced that we wouldn't have to wait for a film lab and scan negatives and the photographers all looked at us like philistines. I was a canon guy at the time, but the geek in me saw the future coming.

  5. Sony did floppy disc, cd rom cameras, the F717 shapes, mirrorless before Canon, Nikon etc. For that alone Sony gets my respect. They were not afraid to innovate.

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