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How Katherine Heigl Became So Hated In Hollywood

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  1. Poor Katherine the same thing happened to Megan Fox. Male stars have said and done far worse and their careers did not suffer in the same way. A lot of "respected" male actors in Hollywood, too many to actually name, were found guilty of physical and sexual assault. Their reputation as actors remained unscathed and they had no trouble finding work in Hollywood after. It is blatant Hollywood sexism.

  2. I mean most of us talk sh!t about our jobs. It’s her opinion, she got the job done, who cares🤷🏽‍♀️ And she apologized which she really didn’t have to because I’m sure she wasn’t lying about Grey’s, if it was anything like Scandal. Hope she can get her footing back!!

  3. She was being honest about the movie knocked up,,,,silly movie it was a typical sex movie,,,,I was trying to figure out what she saw in Seth Rogan in the movie,,,he so goofy looking compared to her….

  4. Future actors&actresses you never publicly and specifically mention your jobs place's name and criticize any aspect of it. It forever affects your resume.

  5. If she is so hard to work with how come there wasn’t anyone willing to sit down with her and get her side of the story hm because this took 10 fucking years to get an answer and it’s still the same shit she is saying 😂. People need to get over the past cause she’s grown up more than half of the people in the comment section

  6. Ever heard the saying a hater can say it all online but not in person this is exactly that kind of deal because no one can offend someone to their face but can say it behind a screen like I mean shit she came back after years of this bullshit confronting her losses and facing her haters head on who couldn’t say jack shit I want to see someone hate on her I’m sure she will be the first one to put that story to rest

  7. She was the heroine in some of the most loved rom- coms of all time. She could've been on the level of angelina, reese etc etc . Her acting was also good . I really think she wasn't that bad in voicing her opinion

  8. I honestly hate this actress because I hate that movie knocked up. That movie pisses me off so bad because of how rotten she was to her husband. That movie is far from funny and it makes my blood bowl that this movie even exists!

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