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How Do You "Do" Bokeh?

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In this video Kai talks to some people in Japan about “bokeh” and takes to the streets to give some advice on how to “do” bokeh! Also Read: Top 5 Bokeh …


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  1. An f0.95 lens is too much like hard work. Some older lenses like the Helios 44 and Jupiter 9 make a good job of bokeh at f2.0 due to them not being perfect lenses. You can even get a bokeh swirl effect.

  2. Technically, if written in hiragana (basic Japanese script,) it's written simply as ぼけ. The 暈 means Halo by itself, but I don't know what the "ke" is suppose to stand for.

  3. And that Asian girl (I'm sorry)…Is she actually Japanese? Or is it her way of speaking? Because when she said "Eh, wakarimasen desu" it didn't sound authentic. IDK, I'm no pro. If she is great. If she isn't, that's embarrassing.

  4. Why do so many Asian girls wear color lenses in the recent years??… Is that some kind of weird trend over there, like dyeing your hair or something?… – It annoys the hell out of me, to be honest… But same with make-up and all that…

  5. Bokeh! blurred mush which has become more important than the actual subject. I can just image photographers at Magnum sitting around a table discussing the quality of bokeh in some iconic or harrowing photograph. Please world get over this fad!

  6. 6:15 I really like this picture and I asked me why…
    Now I've seen what is different to others – and I ask myself:
    Did You intentionally focus the "wrong" eye of Your translator?

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