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“Hollywood Said NOTHING Until Hillary Lost!!” Tucker OWNS Rob Reiner on Russia Hypocrisy

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Tucker Carlson interviews Rob Reiner about his and Morgan Freeman’s new campaign against Russia. SUBSCRIBE: …


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    The Pollard affair took Washington and Tel Aviv by surprise. Wolf Blitzer, Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post,
    in a book published just several weeks before Pollard’s arrest, wrote
    that there is no real fear in the US government that American Jews are
    leaking information to the Mossad, the Israeli equivalent of the CIA.

  2. It is empowering to be American right now because the LIBERAL BRAIN WASHING is no longer working on people like it used to. It is like a bunch of cave dwellers have left the cave to see the light…..Plato's Allegory of the Cave being played out.

  3. BTW….regular Americans love each other and we are not divided. It is the media, hollywood, and the NFL who thinks we are all divided. Typical Americans aren't as stupid as these propaganda players.

  4. Irresponsible and purposely used the word War gaining their own purpose. "We are invaded", "we are under attack", and comparing with perl harbor. Russia has no interest in a war with the western world. They want and think western world should partner up with Russia, but that doesn't suit Democrats which want to work with Saudi and Saudi has demanded we should only buy their oil and not Russian gas and oil… he should be arrested for his actions

  5. Hollywood = Satan….satanic ritual pedi abusers are scared like cockroaches when the light shines on them…scattering and desperate to find any excuse. These idiots are in a mental war with their own demons and covering up their satanic ritual abuse and crimes against God and man.

  6. Every person in Hollywood should take all their wealth and give it go the poor now! If they won't do it voluntarily then we should pass laws that every one in Hollywood can only be allowed to keep 10% of their money…the rest goes to all the poor in America. See how they like their own BS….commie satanic scums.

  7. 5:18 "We've been invaded…" Yes, you fat assed twatwaffle. We've been invaded by illegals and the pervasive attitude that "refugees" who hold a violent, oppositional ideology to freedom are good to assimilate. We've been invaded by abject dumbassery, by shitbricks like yourself.

    It astonishes me that the left is at war with common sense. "RUSSIA IS RIGGING OUR ELECTIONS (but shhhhh, let the non-citizens vote if they can get away with it, thereby rigging our elections.)

    Fucking idiocy.

    end rant.

  8. some Russians made adds attacking Hillary clinton….big fuckin whoop.

    The Mexican President called Trump hitler during the election….nobody is accusing Mexico of interfering with our election…..these people are fucking bat shit nuts….its even worse…they're evil.

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