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Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool

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The city of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a Satanic cesspool. Here’s a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Order your “Liberalism: Find a …


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  1. If you are a well connected Jew or if are sex slave (give yourself up for money) you can get in the big movie roles I guess??

    Most of these rape cases and sexual attacks in Hollywood are done by the high-end Jewish Directors, Producers, CEO's etc..

    Who agrees with me?

  2. When he said "The co founder of Miramax" l was like, "No! I remember liking some of there movies!" ? This is sick! Roman Palinski better go to prison. Wasn't he the director of Rosemary's Baby? Omg! My liberal film analysis teacher told us about them, but said he was banned from the country for being with a willing young girl. Absolutely sick.

  3. works both ways, people want to play with the devil but not get burned. Oh I want to be famous, I want to be rich, I want to be glamorous BUT don't ask me to put out for help.

  4. NEW GAME!!!  Celebrity STD’s!!!! Match the disease with the face via your knowledge of who slept with who in order to get in what movie. Hey movie fans it’s a great game, track the herpes thread, who’s got aids……. fun for all the family. Also try vintage celebrity scumbags where we look at why Judy Garland was so fucked up……     3 easy payments of $40, termsand conditions apply.

  5. Harvey offered Eva a million dollar career to sleep with him. She said, "Sure!" Then Harvey asked, "How about $10?" Eva asked, "What do you think I am?" Harvey said, "We've already established what you are. Now we're just negotiating the price."

    These whores are not VICTIMS. They broke a deal and are looking, again, to Harvey for their fame and fortune. Mark, you are lying for the money, changing the agenda; a whore.

  6. I think there is only a few actors or actresses who truly still appreciate film and art. For me wanting to be interested in film I really don't want to be looked at and people think I would be like one of these disgusting people.

  7. +Mark Dice

    Abuse by those in powerful positions, not just Harvey Weinstein, isn't and hasn't been about sex alone as most of us are led to believe, that's just icing on the cake for them. Their real goal is to compromise souls, often by demeaning the individual, shaming them, forcing 'regret', apprehension and undeserved guilt into their lives. Why did Weinstein want beautiful women to 'watch him masturbate in a shower, or in other (seemingly) incomprehensible ways?' See below…

    Contents of the 'Babylonian' Talmud tell a tale, that builds a mindset of hatred among it's followers toward all Gentiles, that, now having been mixed with the many directives and actions that have taken place (for 120 years) since the formation of Political Zionism in 1897 have created an atmosphere that spoon feeds Satan with ritual behavior after ritual behavior too dark to go into here, but that hopefully will be exposed, but not without understanding the vile elements at play, with most of America having been effectively 'dumbed down', and left scratching our heads, just like the Talmudic Zionists wanted us, leaving us to wonder what in the hell hit us? It was/is all part of a big plan.

    If you don't think so, keep watching. You'll see that if the truthstream on this subject 'isn't halted' by those in power, similar to the lies and pressures they're using in an attempt to bury the subject of Pedogate, that it''s all connected, many perpetrators, many victims, for 1,000s of years, all fed to the Prince of the Air…and they don't want that, nope, they don't want that at all.

    See: The Noahide Laws
    if you want to learn what the perpetrators Really think of Gentiles and what they plan to do to us, far beyond just 'having sex with Hollywood Stars and Children, get ready.' The Noahide Laws and the Georgia Guidestones are what's under the tip of the iceberg.

    If there's nothing of concern to the Noahide Laws, which were written by man, not God, why did three Talmudic Zionist Congressmen and many of their lobbying associates pressure HW Bush into signing the Noahide Laws in 1991, and later, having is son GW Bush sign another update to them as well…they're chomping at the bit. Look into the conditions under which you or any other Gentile can be legally "Decapitated", you read that right. Learn. At first, you're not going to believe what they're 'really' up to, so just remember, as you've realized many times in your life > "The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction."

    This is where the real leather hits the road and many will merely run and hide, but this is where the truth lies, not in a mere buffoon-operated Hollywood Production Company.


  9. Question, what was a 13yo doing in a party of hollywood stars? prostitute? kidnapped? sex slave? if you ask me, there is somethng of a bigger story there than that. Yes its wrong, of COURSE but what the hell, he was definitely not the only one then and that has to be common and most definitely is not the actors and directors who get their hands dirty, somebody is getting those pizzas and hamburgers for them.

  10. Okay seriously when is someone gonna talk about the fact that if Harvey was that powerful he could make or break careers , how many fucking Hollywood starlets threw themselves at him to get ahead of less pretty women? Is all of Hollywood filled with women who aren't willing to sleep with someone to further their career. The doe eyes little victims doesn't ring true, women are strong when they want to be and fragile little creatures when they want to be. Harvey was a scumbag but how many sluts came onto him and slept with him to get ahead. Rose McGowan took a 100k and only got pissed when the story broke. Give Harvey back his 100k Rose. And if you fucked Marlyn Manson Harvey Weinstein isn't the most fucked up thing to have happened in your life. Good thing Ben Afflick was called out though. Fucking liberal asshole.

  11. I remember reading a blog by a B !ist actress a few months ago, and from what she said, it is way worse than people think. It isnt just harrassment. She said the reason so many actresses who havent made a popular movie in a !ong time or ever, or some women, who seem to be famous names, and yet have never really done anything are so famous asnd rich, is because they make their money from prostitution. She said many of the famous faces in Hollywood that are at every party, and on magazine cov ers are prostitutes. This is the big secret. They make more money doing this than in films. Think of a few famous female faces who you can't figure out why they are famous and youll know who I'm talking about. She said that their agents negotiate the deals, and they are told who to sleep with and are basically passed around. When you see a rich businessman who shows up in a magazine with a model or a B actress, its really a negotiated prostitution deal. She is like a paid courtesan for a 6 to 12 month time period. Then they "break up". Certain actors show up with "actress" girlfriends, and again these women are instructed to date and sleep with a particular guy. They have no say, and are also passed around at parties and among the guys friends. If you want to be in Hollywood,this is the game you have to play.

  12. Fuck Hollywood and that hideous, disgusting, gluttonous, morbidly obese, kike, piece of scum rapist faggot, Harvey Weinstein. Lock that Jew bastard up and throw away the key! Better yet gas the fucking kike!!! He's almost as bad as that scumbag nigger rapist, Bill Cosby!!!

  13. The liberal scumbags went into hysterics after they found out that Mke Pence wouldn't have dinner with a woman who wasn't his wife.
    They enabled Harvey and covered for him while he raped his way through Hollywood, for 30 years.
    The media made a choice to side with the rapist and to attack the decent family man.
    Which side are you going to support, ladies?
    Who do you admire, the Hollywood rape crowd or the decent family man?

  14. So for over 30yrs Hollywood kept quiet about Weinstein's behaviour or covered it up.   I doubt very much that pervy fat bastard raped anyone forcibly, but those making complaints about him now should have done so before sucking his cock to get a movie part.

  15. Most media, news movies, all forms of entertainment and our judical.executive,and legislative at city, county,state, and federal have been invaded by satan worshippers. This has been the work of satan for many centuries not just our country, but the whole world. I believe the satanic church which really operates must be shut down, despite the constitutional ammedment that gives freedom of speech (can not scream fire when there is none in a public place); the freedom of religion is also guaranteed, but the sacrifice of humans is supposed to be illegal, also the sacrifice of animals there are supposed to be fines, the torturing and abuse is also against the law. By not seeing the satanic church for what it is. Is very foolish, and will not see a ore successful clean up of the scesspool of corruption in our world,

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